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RT @lovesilkes: lol the problem isn’t that girl in red calls herself queer it’s that she literally said “lesbian is my least favori…
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@MeghanMcCain @TheView Kushner said eventually trump replaced with someone who knew their place. some of these peop…
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RT @fIowerv: taehyung said wait, this isnt my final form yet
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Sadly and they justified it for some odd reason they said it was because i was having mental health problems…
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RT @iLashMami: Nicki Minaj really said “this box better than the box he was held in” LMAOOO 🤣🤣🤣 bitches be getting at niggas mamas !
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RT @Favbreed1: In Nigeria, it’s a crime to be a youth. One of them said he was picked up at home, what a country
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RT @VickiBalfour: This is Patricia, a registered Democrat in Jermyn, PA. When I knocked on her door and said I was volunteering for T…
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@niggafactory @SilentMelody35 Yeah but like you said it doesn't have to be a terrible to be a franchise killer and BL3 happened 🤷
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@SIKDOH TW // suicide they said he slept with flight attendants, youtubers and streamers, op said they couldn’t sa…
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RT @miwon17_: ⚔️Dr. heart rate is increasing,what to do? 🐢we dont have time,i have to do this now 🐱isnt it good for heart rate to…
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RT @negrilscott2003: President Trump said to shot women and children at the border of the USA. This is a guy your voting for? Unbelievable #NotMyPresident
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RT @mvrthv_: Man Texas really finessed Fall from us. They said Summer...fa....Winter
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imagine her voice lines though "You said Papa still have a picture of me as a kitten inside his pocket watch? Mou~…
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RT @blackpinkbabo: SM said they don’t have anything to say about the post... @ygent_official PROTECT YOUR ARTISTS!
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RT @misayeon: When Momo accidentally said the fanchant too early at the end and they couldn't stop laughing LOL.. so cute
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@keteknyawonpil Lol same here :) even my lecture said that today was holifay for her but clinical student have no holiday at all :((
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Canada news they was said U.S. president DANIEL Trapp pigs his parents dog U.S. P bill Clinton his wedding for tabl…
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@TimbersFC THEY said it !!
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RT @RichardGrenell: I posted to @Facebook the video of @JoeBiden saying he would raise taxes. He said it. It’s a video. And this is w…
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RT @StephenPunwasi: @RexChapman During the case, the officer argued he feared for his safety. The prosecutor said his account "does n…
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