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@DavidZydko All are so shot
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RT @chanyhoney92: ellie’s reaction to obsession is just SO RELATABLE she was making a whole speech about how she was loving the outf…
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RT @neal_acree: #BTS just left the stage at the #KIISJingleBall. I’ve never seen an audience go crazier for an artist than this one…
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RT @EXOGlobal: [!] 191207 #Obsession2ndWin is successfully trending at #1 WW and in Korea 🥳🥳🎊🎊🍾🍾 Thank you to EXO & EXO-L for wor…
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My God, so very sensible! We have to abandon undiluted selfishness and get behind policies that reduce inequality…
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@arrivamidlandsE south wigston has been shut down so is there a diversion for your buses that run through there please
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RT @SuzanneWTweets: .@TalkingAboutBPD my daughter has #BPD and is stuck on an acute psychiatric ward with no real help and no way out.…
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RT @maria_gomes19: Só te falta seres embrulhada, oferecida já és xD
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🔥重大告知🔥 CrossCrown遊壱になのブロマイドカレンダー がセヴンイレヴンにて、今月下旬もしくは来月上旬に販売が決定しました✨ 2020年1月分から毎月更新されるようです‼️🏃‍♂️💨 #CrossCrown #遊壱にな…
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RT @xtina: Having the legendary Alejandro Fernández @alexoficial accompany me live onstage last night for an epic performance…
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@ShagilM Sorry, we wouldn't want you to feel this way. Please let us know what went wrong by clicking the below lin…
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Why am I so worried over someone who’s perfectly fine 😓 smh
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RT @FrFellipe: vou tacar fogo em mais um, só pra não ficar maluco! 🌱
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@kosteythoughts @Todd_Pierce04 @RealKidPoker So your saying that the artist, the buyer, and art basel are in cahoots to money launder 120k?
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RT @jason_emmons: So an artist in Paris has made a sculpture that is supposed to be a modern rendition of a Christmas tree... Butt is…
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RT @SoftRegard: raihan masterminding all sorts of situations and reasons for kabu to lift things for him so he can watch him flex and hear him grunt
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RT @Karnythia: The videos of her working out were all part of the elaborate construction of this alibi. "She loved him so much" he…
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RT @BuzzFeedDaebak: 🎶 Congratulations @weareoneEXO on your second win with #Obsession ! Not winning? EXO says “I don’t think so!” 🎶…
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RT @faithfulfaith01: 'NOT SO DRY' DESERT STORY🌊☔ 3 men are in the a desert when their car breaks down. So to hike to town, they each de…
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RT @xingvillage: so... not a single kpop stan is in it for the music except for y’all right?
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