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RT @ETHFanToken: Hey Fans! Please note that only communication done here should be considered as official communication from…
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We're playing The Big Hits from The Big City! Here's one now: Rumors by Timex Social Club on…
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* so glad @pardi squashed all those rumors about him + @theestallion breaking up.
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I was unable to save you. That’s why even if I am just a fake, I will not allow those rumors to cause you harm. I will protect your reality.
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@PandaSquiish @UniverseIce But as per rumors, even 45W charging is not being offered in S22 base variant ☹️
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@hopefuloz 65 band accounts and not a SINGLE band has said ANYTHING along the lines of "we were not aware of this"…
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RT @aesmnbgonly: smnbg has already dating rumors before their debut news, i hate it here 👿
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RT @HashteSubhDaily: د طالبانو استخباراتو اداره: رسنۍ دې د شایعاتو او ناسمو خبرونو له خپرولو ډډه وکړي
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There are rumors that Planet Class is better than Moon Class?? Who started this? Who??
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RT @sm_hn: Motorolaが「2億画素カメラ」「6000万画素インカメラ」搭載のスナドラ8「Gen 2」機を開発中?
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#NowPlaying Rumors
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please stop spreading these terrible rumors about bad buddy!! if you see them on your TL please don’t spread them!!…
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RT @goodblackdude: President Trump OBLITERATES Left-wing rumors about him and Governor Ron DeSantis’ imaginary feud: “I have a very go…
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RT @derstern75: 11 hours work! 🤌💪 Have a nice day dear ones.🥰 Don't let rumors enter your heart, trust Hande Erçel and Kerem Bursin…
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But if they find out we’re the ones changing the rumors… -N
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RT @brittyfun: Believe all the rumors you heard about me and stay tf away. I like it that way😊
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The Chinese certification confirms earlier rumors about the Galaxy A53 with images and specs.
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RT @abs261: Nah...wife log kyu piyenge husbands ki khoon...please don't believe such rumors..😜😜😜
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RT @ETHFanToken: Hey Fans! Please note that only communication done here should be considered as official communication from…
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RT @justinbieber: Rumors rumors rumors. All good. Comes with the job. Enjoying Italy and appreciate all the kind people here. Thank you. Great food :)
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