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RT @warhoIic: a veces solo quiero ser una chica que se levanta se hace una morning routine desayuna una tostada con aguacate y ha…
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RT @katspillsthetea: Do you find it hard to fit exercise into a super busy routine? If so, here are the best quick workouts for busy p…
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@ZinniaEnvy Yea I just got into “that” part of my morning routine 😂
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RT @mytremendoc: Most times, when you think about skincare, it's about getting the right skin care product and figuring out the righ…
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RT @APFactCheck: The routine shredding of tax documents in Georgia’s Cobb County on Tuesday sparked misinformation when social media…
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Got some chicken minis this morning. It’s going to be a great day. Just don’t make this a routine and I’m good. Lol
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kailan ko kaya ulit makikitang maganda yung mga scores ko sa quizzes, balik na ba ako ng jhs HAHAHAHA or babalik sa dating routine 🥲🥲🥲
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RT @nolongerskek: If I ever got into a coma,please never stop doing my skincare routine everyday. One at am and one at pm, hydrate m…
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Also, didn’t expect this to blow up. Was just a routine, “dispatches from the rabbit hole” kinda stuff. But 🤷🏽‍♂️
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RT @SirjohnKyle: The 2020 bakes have a skincare routine ?
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it's a routine now 🤣🥱
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Missing your gymnastics school sessions? Fear not Week 3 of our Gymnastics activity pack is ready to download from…
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RT @Veev_yean: While we wait for Dorathy to share her skincare routine, let's play 🙂🙂. Reply with #RRXDorathy 🙏🏼
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RT @DanCevette: Amateur Baseball Players Things u can do in home to get better👊 • Drink water (avoid sugars) • Daily stretching (…
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RT @RexChapman: Utah officers, on a routine helicopter flyover stumbled upon a mysterious, shiny, metal monolith in the middle of t…
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RT @joevelydiary: winter 's daily routine 💗⭐️ #윈터 #aespa #winter #artidn #ArtistOnTwitter #카리나 #karina
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RT @dietitian_afriq: Love this! Meanwhile, I figured a lot of people find it hard to stay phsically active. Why not try to find an exerc…
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RT @kylegriffin1: MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Minnesota's state canvassing board unanimously certified the state's election results Tuesday, a…
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What's the point of this entire routine lmao
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RT @RossCavitt: A routine visit to Cobb’s Tax Commissioner’s office sparks an unfounded, out-of-context social media claim of ballo…
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