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RT @chvote1: さっき見たRIDE ON TIMEのナレーションで、「ファンの声援が SixTONES を未来へ運ぶ。」ってあって。 改めて声援を送り続けること大切だなという思いと Imitation Rain 、NAVIGATOR と推して…
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@LedfordPatti Dachshund longhaired standards. Super smart loves to cuddle, great hikers, ride or die for outdoor ad…
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I wished David had Ovi this season... it’s sucks that he’s a good player, but decided to drop Tyler to ride with a…
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@subtanyarl Hahaha I know you are busy but I will be there at the same time I don't have a car so I can get a ride…
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@Amanda10543143 @Elizabe93550707 Absolutely!! I would give you a ride all the back to the ranch
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RT @seradotwav: i might not know how to ride a bike but i used to skate like HECK
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The truth is you don't know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed
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Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto had wanted Mario to ride a dinosaur since just after the completion of the very firs…
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RT @LetMualTellit: Twitter is about to be filled with too many ppl making excuses for Haskins and too many ppl closing the book on him…
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RT @PerfectSoulIRE: LADY SPEIGHTSPEARE, a Roger Attfield-trained homebred daughter of Speightstown & G2SW Lady Shakespeare (daughter of…
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#SundayFunday Just got done taking one of my horses for a ride. Just enjoying the day we have to appreciate. Hopin…
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RT @NaanDual: @TellYourSonThis I would say 'Karl Marx is a scumbag' to her while inside and then hold on for the ride! Yeehaw! 🤠
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@BCB_Sara @CuppaCubbieBlue I agree and more than that I hope if it is, IT WORKS. We have to ride a wave into the pl…
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when i say im in my bag ion gaf ab shit else anymore , i meant that 🥳🥳 at this point you can ride w me or you can watch me , your choice
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Seriously thinking about going on a nice little ride to get some BWW because the options for wings in this town are seriously sad! 😏
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@spacecoyotl @Weenietowne Saddle 'em, ride 'em into town
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RT @seradotwav: i might not know how to ride a bike but i used to skate like HECK
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RT @yamaharacingcom: 🇪🇸 @GRTYamahaWSBK’s @garrettgerloff celebrates his first podium finish! What a ride by the 2020 rookie.…
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RT @to_saku0623: 「第3子から児童手当6万円」とか「新婚生活60万円補助」とか、これからの人達にはいろいろあるらしいけど、もう全ての子育てイベントが終わった我々40代後半には何かあるの? 我々には年金支給開始年齢引き上げとか、70歳以降の健康保険窓…
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