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@trifan_tatiana @r_hellqvist @sverigesradio Is that so citizens appreciate the 10.000 or so that will die in this w…
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RT @nathvsr59: Le Danemark retire les titres de séjour à 94 réfugiés syriens, jugeant leur pays suffisamment sûr. “Leur protection…
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RT @carolmswain: I'm tired of racial stereotyping, racial shaming, racial hatred, and racial manipulation. It's time to retire the race card.
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RT @nathvsr59: Le Danemark retire les titres de séjour à 94 réfugiés syriens, jugeant leur pays suffisamment sûr. “Leur protection…
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@ereditsh 15 Best Coastal Cities to Live or Retire in Europe (Sunny & Warm) via @YouTube
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RT @boyacasietedias: Y hoy, en el #Sondeo7días: A propósito de la polémica que se ha suscitado por una carta dirigida por la senadora…
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RT @TheFilmStage: Jean-Luc Godard says he'll retire: "I'm finishing my movie life—yes, my moviemaker's life—by doing two scripts and,…
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I can’t wait to retire and just chill in my garden with my flowers and vegetables, completely offline.
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RT @ReallyAmerican1: NEW VIDEO📽️: Marco Rubio doesn't think there should be any accountability for Sedition. He joined Cruz & Hawley in…
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Ammed SUALE killed Martin AMIDU resigned Yaw DOMELEVO force to retire..... EC can’t account for her accountabi…
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それだ JA共済年金ライフロード : リタイアプラン老後計画 老後破産   木曜 18時00分
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RT @domjwoon: They’ve seen too many people calling them hags and tell them to retire so now they’re making grandpa sweaters their…
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RT @Davincij15: If you want to retire more than comfortable, where you will never have to work for the rest of your life: Buy more…
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@ChampionsLeague Mr I won't retire
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ofc that dumb mf was gonna buy the whole team. if you can’t afford to race without hiring a whole sexual abuser, ju…
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@JValjeanAuthor I turned 60 last year and wondered how I managed to live this long. Now I'm looking forward to 70 s…
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RT @MarkHarrisNYC: @mattyglesias Writers work alone all their lives making things, as you know. They are as entitled to retire as anyo…
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@realTuckFrumper Because you can retire on $1400
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RT @privateofficer: Chicago police officer, soon to retire, commits suicide at police station
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RT @Cante12175815: @CNNPolitics As a 23 year vet, time to take your pension and retire general, 3 hours is not "sprint speed" it is Trump Cult Member Speed!
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