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RT @kd_buller: Sharer Strong! Remembering one heck of a lady who meant so much to so many.
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RT @TMohan26323488: #GodMorningSaturday God Morning 👉Start a fresh morning with remembering the supremegod Start saying God morning🌄 👉…
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RT @LCFC: Remembering Khun Vichai and the four others who lost their lives 💙
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RT @idillionaire: Your spirit is coming alive within you and you’re moving more towards purpose, impact, inner peace, self-love, and…
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RT @epilepsyaction: Just two weeks left until Halloween! 🎃🦇👻 If you're decorating your house or are planning a party, it's worth remem…
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RT @USSOCOM: USSOCOM held a memorial competition including a 5k fun run and four-man shooting competition yesterday honoring and…
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RT @notviking: date: so what do you do? me: [remembering girls like guys with stable jobs] i’m an accountant [remembering they al…
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RT @cllrsamwebster: Always worth remembering at key #Btexit dates what the public actually did on 23rd June 2016. Easy answers don't ex…
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Thanks for remembering @NickMcIlwain1. What a moment.
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RT @ed_son: I can’t help remembering that our Prime Minister acted unlawfully, lied to the Queen and absolutely nothing was done about it.
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Watching this Brexit mess and remembering how in 2016 after the vote the PM of Luxembourg said: ‘this is not Face…
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RT @HopkinsMedicine: “Elijah Cummings was a fierce and tireless advocate for the people of the city of Baltimore, the state of Maryland…
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A night worth remembering
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RT @heskrokosmos: My 1D phase is something that is always worth remembering, and the feeling I got when we had 5/5 One Direction is s…
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RT @localtotoro: keep remembering I have to go to the gym if I want a nice body
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RT @RobGMacfarlane: "Remembering our boundedness, remembering our tree-like character, might serve an important step in transforming th…
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RT @odetxtrench: how Tyler him remembering feels about that we pay the clique…
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RT @Classicbritcom: Remembering Lynda Bellingham who passed away 5 years ago today 😇
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RT @factsionary: When you remember a past event, you are actually remembering the last time you remembered it, not the event itself.
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RT @k1ngyohans: one of yohan's tmi is being alert of his surroundings and how good his memory is in remembering his fans and you ca…
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