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RT @turtlebreezee: Healing is a life long journey...relationships trigger things in you that still need think you're wait…
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RT @sphyngly_: gun atthaphan has a good sense of balance. he can balance himself on the skateboard plus his work and relationship with off jumpol 🤡☺️💚
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@AnyFeelings1 Sometimes that is the only reason to ruin any kind of relationship
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RT @keyara_nickole: no cause that just ruined my night. black death is exploited y’all love to post actual videos n photos of black peo…
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RT @_Nolights_: Hey, next time you claim to support him remember that you laughed at the cancellation of his series! This account i…
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RT @jinthear: berantemin siapa yang top dan bottom karena sebuah stereotype (bottom harus lemah lembut, kemayu) juga menurutku...…
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RT @ayemojubar: Until people get full grasp of their relationship with those elected, how we make their choices will never change.…
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RT @BermudezWrites: Due in large part to U.S. intrusion, I was separated from my mom at age 2. By the time I met her at age 5, she was…
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RT @shervellecenita: The reason why I let go my last relationship is because I found myself not growing and then worst of all, not gaini…
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My next relationship must come with camera sha. I swear because 💀
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RT @davidwengrow: Discussing world systems theory with undergraduates yesterday I recalled a lunch conversation, years ago, with Sahl…
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My timeline is full of all cute relationship videos I am not a hater but I just ran out of loving them now 🙄
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RT @danielchuma9: @EmmanuellaMbun1 @ARISEtv @jidesanwoolu Thanks for this question... What's the relationship between "taking out cam…
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I love all my partners and friends. But I feel like I'm not pulling my relationship weight. Even though I'm trying.…
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@HedayatTBO @johncardillo Talk about someone who had a messed up relationship with their father. Or maybe this is Y…
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#HAECHAN: i’m gonna just join somebody else relationship doren scoot over i love yall
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It's funny how other people tried their best for us to "talk" and "settle" things when he himself did nothing to save our relationship.
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In Relationship ya.
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love-hate relationship,i feel bad for Apo 😭😭😭,he deserves someone better
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