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RT @higgyboson: If anyone had ANY doubt whatsoever about @jeremycorbyn being a nasty, vindictive, jealous, obnoxious, bitter and tw…
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McCluskey must surely have redeeming human qualities ... it's just impossible to imagine what they might be. His d…
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@ryanavery39 @WyongRaceClub @ChrisCWi11iams Thanks Ryan redeeming ourselves 😁
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What do you think you’re doing, Oogami? An idol’s face is their life. And it’s also Akehoshi’s only redeeming quality.
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@RichardR_92 Slowly redeeming him self back to top shagger
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@Debbiehagler5 @mason4922 @realDonaldTrump Hi Debbie no you’re right the man hasn’t got a redeeming bone in his bod…
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Omg,,,, i really sometimes feel like im picking on this mf but he doesn't have ONE single redeeming quality, just s…
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@Cindy_Marcolina I'm tired of seeing unnecessarily cruel reviews because people know it'll get them clicks. Over th…
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@JoeySalads @realDonaldTrump You have absolutely no redeeming qualities - which makes you the perfect GOP candidate…
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RT @Aprianera: On launch day I purchased a copy of Borderlands 3 for @epicgames on my main account. Upon redeeming the code which…
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It's interesting to note the cognitive dissonance between trump's words and his actions. He must be very confused a…
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RT @PurposedForHim: Jesus is in the business of redemption Redeeming your relationships. Redeeming your failures. Redeeming your mor…
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RT @fangirlJeanne: Or even Jean herself choosing to sacrifice her life to save those she love because that trope of a women giving up…
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What are my redeeming qualities you ask? Staying up til 3AM playing overwatch hating the waking existence
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We can Enjoy and Experience the Redeeming Christ as the reality of the Red Heifer
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We can Enjoy and Experience the Redeeming Christ as the reality of the Red Heifer
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Its really really toxic. There's no redeeming qualities to my childhood looking back. I fought long and hard for everything that i have now.
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The Legendary Duelist set is kind of lame.. The only redeeming qualities about this box is the new Evil Hero supp…
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@steph93065 But His ding-dongs have NO good bits. If you support them you DO support Racism, violence, xenophobia,…
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