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RT @RebeccaSear: Just discovered another reason for not using acronyms in research. If you create an acronym which happens to be a w…
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RT @Jim_Jordan: Over 50 million Americans think this election was stolen. That’s more than one third of the electorate. For tha…
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RT @incorrect_bw: W: i’m passing out *plops down the bed* B: *changes win’s clothes* B: rest well snowball *kisses forehead* B: yo…
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@SunaYildizoglu But, you can say the reason
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RT @im_AYAANBB13: Once You Stan Shehnaaz Kaur Gill There is No Run Away From Her Shehnaaz Gill Nickname Sana And juts 10Min Sana in T…
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IF IN DOUBT CLEAR YOUR CACHE - for some reason "enter meeting" would not accept my correct login/password until I d…
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Update another kid asked if I read Melissa's story and, yes kiddo I promise I'm familiar with @lxgino's work! (I co…
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For some reason I got really into watching Rocket League Esport matches. #RocketLeague
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@goodlilboihwa what was the reason
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Fringe NHL-er Tony Hrkac retired in 2005, but came out of retirement in 2008-09 at 42 YEARS OLD to join the AHL Hou…
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RT @EdoWalker4: Freshman year of college was lit for no reason lmao
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@BradFromComcast the reason why I cry every time I see a guitar
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@Jableen Really i m very frustrated seeing such things happening. these so called celeb people are challenging hin…
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@kws017013 The fact that Wilson favored a more balanced treaty doesn’t negate the fact that the only reason the all…
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RT @revolttv: One of the greats for a reason. 🐐Happy 51st Birthday to a living legend. It’s #HOV day. 🙌🏿 @S_C_
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RT @IAmQuisB: @LivinLaVidaYoda There's a reason why Pink didn't let her have her own mic
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RT @ZeyadaFreeNaHo: If you're in relationship learn to be loyal. Don't double date or double cross your partner. Your disloyalty can be…
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@DanielRW89 It happens like that sometimes. No rhyme or reason for it. Frustrating nonetheless 😬
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