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Me thinks I wanna get laid but not when I'm feeling lonely, that's really sad man shahaha
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@DamonMartin Really well written
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@MiBFTo @Volcanohead @wordofgreen Ok, I really hope that's the case... Even at the subconscious level 😵‍💫
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I’m really so easy going . And I hate that for me
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These white privileged customers ate really going to make me lose my job.
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@ItsWashington17 Nothing really wrong with disagreeing, it’s the same as Twinsanity/CTTR, and if people think Spira…
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i'd really like to get a new desk, but I'm so used to my keyboard being in a little slidey thing that I'm not sure…
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@JesmerCrystal @wolters_ann @leithwalk1 @CBS_Herridge @CBSNews Once again you’ve made a statement that is complete…
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RT @4archivedrama: Ung ah i’m afraid i ruin it again I said that will never happen again right? Ung ah i’m having a hard time, I rea…
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RT @libsoftiktok: More mask madness, this time in an elevator. The mask police are really nuts
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In the spirit of positivity, I'm looking forward to the day when I no longer live here! :) This is like asking: "wo…
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i really tried to change and be nice. but honestly, you cannot be nice to niggas. they need someone to get in their…
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RT @Psychology_DQ: psychology says: you don't really need someone to complete you you only need someone to accept you completely
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@RESlSTANCE_HUX Oh, Really? /you/ allowed /me/ to have control?
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@TrevorABranch I'm always very nervous seeing those videos that are like, wow, this seal hopped up on a Zodiac to e…
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Insomnia really makes a girl feel kinda evil and wanna go stabby w/her favorite chopsticks😬
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RT @tfws_therapist: the amazing thing about dean winchester is that for me, he’s never really gone. I get to see him when I clock in at…
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RT @ginnyhogan_: It’s really easy for me to eat healthy unless I feel bad for literally any reason
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Charming fellows, those Ishgardians. Really, I've never been met with quite that level of vitriol.
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RT @ksd_esign: Foolish never really pictured how Dream looks like outside of him being a blob 😭😭😭
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