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RT @davidfrum: Serious point about Republican non-questioning of Hill: the GOP argument cannot survive contact with reality, it ca…
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RT @lawyer4laws: 40 Years ago Monty Python's "The Life of Brian" was a Hysterical Comedy for it's absurdity . . . Today . . . It's…
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RT @kthmixtaepe: exopinkers are convinced armys are going to weverse to discuss some secret plans when in reality it's only bts comi…
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RT @SharikaSoal84: Each booth is an alternate reality
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@Ito_ito88 @0103_takuya @Kei69985616 @AYaKa_Vtuber (´。•ω(•ω•。`)ぎゅー♡
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RT @Nisa2Tweets: Dont judge a book by its cover what's seen frm the outer space may not always be the reality #NationWithAsim
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RT @mmpadellan: We're in a reality where this guy lies ALL THE TIME. For no reason. For big stuff. For small stuff. And he does i…
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👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 sa mga paVictim pero cheater in reality. 🤭🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
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RT @CharlizeAfrica: Instagram vs. reality #tbt
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RT @wrenchboy: @tracybeanz Just imagine Trump on camera lambasting Democrats. Talk about reality tv. It’ll be YUGE!!!
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RT @_RatAssassin: Why is Plastic Nancy sitting on the USMCA? Because the Democrats are hopeful that they win in 2020, rename it and r…
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RT @UNICEFJamaica: Keino, age 10: Our fear is based on the 💔 reality that: Many of us are being bullied. Many of us are being beaten.…
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@USAdarFarsi @svt just for the record. If you like to know the REALITY about #IranProtests #Internet4Iran and if y…
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RT @MeemDed: @UnwholesomMazin @Ramonbetaxi Balance? Were talking about anime. You make it sound like were a rebellion. In realit…
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@TheMarkPantano We are more screwed if we lose 2020 to a socialist. Immigration can still be fixed if we have a Pre…
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RT @itswalela: aye you know what’s not funny, how I went to an ER & the nurses thought I was faking or on drugs - turns out I had…
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#OneDayIllTellMyKids about how Master Pandemonium fucked with my head and they're really just magical figments but…
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RT @FootyAccums: André Onana 🗣️ "Some clubs don't trust black goalkeepers. It's a reality."
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RT @416Brisco: .@NickFoles speaking some reality #NFL100 .@Jaguars #Sports #Life
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RT @kuroida_00: ツインテールと言えばアリーゼ。世界がアリーゼを必要としている。オレも必要としている。お前らもアリーゼを必要としろ #いいツインテールの日
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