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I think she'd make a great companion but I'm just not sure about her as the Doctor. A more realistic option, budge…
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@Darkademic @anar_catt @the53rdState And some said it was raise tax revenue. We don't know what will happen when bo…
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RT @nadslay: @kopisusv She's being realistic luv. We're not going to judge her. 😂😂😂
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@GamerZakh @miniblock @OvershieId @pcgamer “you’ve just gotta have more realistic expectations of performance from…
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RT @ShwetaPandit7: After ages it seems, ive seen an incredible movie trailer.. something that i had to tweet about.…
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oooof Jaebeom's low self esteem is a real hard hitter but his reaction is perhaps the most realistic one of them al…
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I prefer to be more realistic, but I DO have an imagination. It's mostly filled with gruesome ends to people I hate.
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RT @Rude_Astrology: your moral code is performative and rooted in personal guilt projected at people in large just like they projected…
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Hareb Al Dhaheri, Horizon´s CEO: "Flight simulators are essential for pilot training & this FTD simulator is takin…
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@fabkienbaum @mmeckel @amywebb @WinfriedFelser @MarcWagner1975 I think question is not is it realistic - we all kno…
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@Jack__1905 @LiamMKD lool not the most realistic is it
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RT @LyanaRodriguez1: Today, I write my most personal review yet, and I question how a good, realistic horror read makes you want to punc…
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should i sell my lightroom? that’s how i get my hair like it is (soft and realistic)
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@Zencsss Getting startled is one thing, by actually running away?? Yeah, because Jurassic Park was too realistic! 😏
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RT @JangaFX: We're hard at work on a new combustion system that makes it easier to produce realistic simulations. In this case w…
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@MoghaluKingsley @FletcherSchool @TuftsUniversity @cenbank The average Igbo man is not realistic...that's why he co…
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RT @MissEllieMae: Also the Lib Dems do have to be slightly less shit. There are Lib Dem / Con marginals (like Richmond Park) where La…
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Government’s GH¢65.8 billion revenue target realistic – Bernard Avle
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Government’s GH¢65.8 billion revenue target realistic – Bernard Avle
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Happy to see @FalkenTire finally being advertised to the broad consumer audience in Greece. Excellent products in realistic prices.
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