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But let's be real,, who actually knows who's healthy or not 🤣🤣😂😂🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
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RT @AmyMcGrathKY: This week, I tried picking up food for a Kentuckian in need at a local food bank, but with diminishing supplies, th…
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RT @sineadxia: Might fuck around and flirt with people now that I know for sure we can’t meet up for real.
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RT @KayllaneMartin7: Eu real preciso de umas amizades novas, uns roles diferentes
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RT @DeAnna4Congress: How about instead of these bonehead ‘reporters’ at @realDonaldTrump press conferences regarding #COVID2019 asking t…
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RT @Jwheels_74: Nahh, @realDonaldTrump not making sure proper PPE and ventilators getting to those that are desperately in need, is…
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RT @votevets: Real leaders stand up for the lives of the men and women who serve under them. Thank you, Capt. Crozier, for being…
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RT @ChanceyFleet: The other night someone asked on a Zoom, "how do you read a virtual room"? As a Blind woman: this is cake! Y'all ar…
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RT @JDaIey: Real love will never quit on you
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RT @NetflixLAT: Si no has visto la mini serie de 4 episodios ‘Poco ortodoxa’, aquí te dejo algunas razones: · Está basada en la hi…
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Pungten qaqa 1. Biru @captenpcy 2. Lian + @piswey 3. Arvan + @real___van 4. Mattlevian + @seogulss 5. Dut +…
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Hold up lemme ask google real quick
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@CaseyLind @KaitlynMarieWo2 @TheMikk17 @ColoradoWinds Geez you're a vile person arent ya. Well I'll just be the adu…
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RT @BobaTeaBrat: Hold my hair back while I eat ramen so I know it’s real
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RT @DGPurser: Look at this drunken, crooked, corrupt, dishonest, stumbling, mumbling, catch-phrase-filled loon - there isn't one…
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"Se pierden las preguntas" Ana se cuida mucho, usa con precisión el reflexivo y el impersonal, no sea que nos demos…
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RT @StormIsUponUs: Shills, you're cheering on your own doom. If Q is not real, and there's no plan to remove the criminal luciferian D…
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