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RT @sb19tarot: [WEEKLY READINGS NOV 29 - DEC 5] GEMINI: Your manifestations are coming! Now is the perfect time to move forward o…
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RT @SKZmybelovd: For stays who ult other members that are going"jype promote the others too" worry not. Accordingly to my readings w…
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P.S. you can see reviews of my readings on my Instagram in my highlights :)
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All my tarot twin flame readings have been like "you'll meet them at work or through a friend" but a) I work from h…
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Started our Jesse Tree Advent readings. Another year of replacing all of Ann Voskamp’s male pronouns for God with t…
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RT @VannaTato: $900 away from my nov. goal! I’m saving up to move out of Texas asap If you want to help be a part of my move but…
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RT @ForeverAkeem: I really never talk about my tarot reading services on here and that’s gotta change. I’m a root worker, healer and…
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i’ll be continuing with tip based readings and full readings after i finish these cups ✨
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RT @SageAdviceShop: Protection against negative energies prior to tarot readings-Courtesy of #tarotreader
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I have found Sue’s readings to be very uplifting and accurate #soulecting #tarot
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RT @sb19tarot: [WEEKLY READINGS NOV 29 - DEC 5] CANCER: Things will get better, a lot better. Be open to receiving abundance this…
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@malkiersking @GaidinHammar No nothing yet - Ep. 4 proved that patience pays off & the whole Show is different enou…
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RT @mykola: In about 15 years there's going to be a wave of students doing Neurodiversity Studies in college. It's going to be…
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i say i hate change but then get excited when the tower and death come out in tarot readings
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RT @AbdussamadAsad: Royapettah AWS readings(29/11) : Ending 8:30am : 17mm Month : 972mm NEM : 1134.4mm Year : 1821mm #chennairains ,…
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RT @thetowermoments: friendly reminder that i have readings available! 🥰 link jn bio
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RT @AURUMMM_: These on the low readings are seriously exposing some shit for each client I’ve sent them to so far, and I know it…
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RT @acoleex: My live readings will be CLOSED for the month of December for new clients. However, I will be opening my mini recor…
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