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RT @SweetIris10: Good morning!”Every day one should at least hear one little song ,read one good poem ,see one fine painting and-if…
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RT @WirralCouncil: Cllr Pat Hackett, Leader of Wirral Council has issued an update to residents in regards to COVID-19. In his lette…
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RT @november_river: “한국의 성산업 규모가 8.7조원이거든요? 영화 산업보다 큽니다. 경제 활동이 가능한 남성 17세~64세 인구가 1년에 60만원씩 써야 8.7조원이 돼요. 이 산업 안에서 ‘돈을 쓰겠다’는 수요층이 탄탄하니…
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RT @akhileshutup: These are the same people who during the #MeToo movement were ready to accept the blames coming from anonymous Twit…
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RT @Trey_VonDinkis: . ☑️ LEFTIST VOTER FRAUD - DEMS VOTE to SUPPORT ILLEGAL VOTING Leftist / Democrat House Votes in Favor of Illegal…
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@ebaearu I read petty at first and I am like same
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Re-write it in full and submit your draft to a higher authority before filing. Winston read through the offending a…
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RT @100storiesbook: Anyone fancy a #100stories book? Filled with a hundred personal stories of people affected by cancer. I have many m…
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@MSuppasit watch a movie or read a book? #MeAskMew
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RT @daily_trust: “I have been notified of medical supplies from China, courtesy of a group of Chinese companies working here in Nige…
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@CollinEmeka @Lacostebanks @realFFK Read!!! There are many more where that came from
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RT @MariaMediaHere: AAAH! Wish me luck 😳💕💕 . My original comic Lilies are for Healing has been nominated for the national Philippine ko…
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RT @FootyHumour: Xabi Alonso. The coolest man on this planet. The only man who can read a book and do kick ups at the same time. 😎
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RT @lovingbokuto: i dont care if you dont know who kurapika kurta is. i dont care if you dont watch or read hunter x hunter. if you s…
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@JohnCalderhead @scotgov @JeaneF1MSP @ScotGovFM Thxs yes I read it but it merits a response from Scottish govt and FM
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RT @adaderana: COVID-19: Total positive cases in Sri Lanka surge to 156 READ MORE:
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RT @luchie_hm: I just read someone call March "the beginning of the quarantine arc" and I think this is great and we should all call it that now.
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RT @DrOlufunmilayo: I just read of these two erudite Nigerians. They heard Jos University Teaching Hospital has 3 useless spoilt ventil…
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This whole article is absolutely heartbreaking to read. Just imagine going through that!! 💔
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RT @mrrogerslikesme: @CharmianNeary @ForwomenScot @SamBarber1910 @ripx4nutmeg I always read these sorts of posts out loud and in very dr…
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