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@hassenjelil Comment 5a6 vog rassi machivtou 😂 nooo j’ai raté c’est beau
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@aWeeG3 Perhaps you should research communism. After that, practice minding your own business. Last but not lea…
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RT @ShamikaRavi: #DailyUpdate #COVID19India Case fatality rate: All-India = 1.47% Global = 2.35% Punjab = 3.2% (& no sign of decli…
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@recehgerl gantiii,nnti gua rate kalo ga magwer
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RT @Joeinblack: I suggest that everyone who posts about the “low mortality rate” of Covid be required to go to the funerals.
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@MixChimaki chimakiおやありー!
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@timspector Hospital admission rate for Covid-19 is the most important data. The current rate is still three times…
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@JennyBaxter1 @LuluMissEurope @Arron_banks @carolecadwalla @NHSuk This is the same NHS that says it doesn’t have en…
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RT @beautyofhelin: I get so many DM's asking about projects. How do you find potantial ? Will you post it? 📢Now u have to listen to…
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@psxxcl Thats the problem. BW put all the faults on BM when alot of the issues resides on your side. Even the wedlo…
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RT @_5H3LLY: When a camera’s frame rate is synced to a bird’s wings 📹🐦
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At this rate just keep our players in a bubble wrap I beg
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@PublicHealthW Anyone else noticed when we are told to stay at home the infection rate goes up? This is because of…
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RT @BanglarGorboMB: ২০১৯ সালে কৃষিক্ষেত্রে আত্মহত্যার হার ওই বছর ঘটিত আত্মহত্যার ৭.৪%। Suicide rate in the farming sector accounted for…
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@TimesNow @narendramodi @Pawankhera Congress has employed poisonous spokesperson of third rate quality who can only abuse Modi ji
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RT @RayArmat: How Deadly is the Virus? Really? The #virus mortality rate has become as controversial as the #vaccines & masks (t…
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@JoeBiden Joe, my new nursing home has a memory unit called McCovid Dominion. You are welcome to be admitted. 10% d…
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RT @richardzussman: This is a very sobering briefing. Emotions are high. The first round of measures didn't work, the second round has…
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RT @chandrarsrikant: Sebi order on NDTV: Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy shall, jointly or severally,disgorge the amount of wrongful gain of…
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