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"This search for the ideal rape victim by the Indian courts continues to give injustice"
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@anotherbitch420 @TheAmitLakhani if there is a will and consent for sexual relationship in marriage, how on earth,…
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RT @CoffeeMateZ: Tw : rape แม่เขาเป็น rape victim แล้วเหตุการณ์ในครั้งนั้นก็ทำให้เขาได้ลูกสาว คนร้ายไม่เคยโดนจับ นี่ว่ามันคือครอบค…
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@sassynexieakins Even in California, der law still dont recognize withdrawing consent afta the fact.Moral expect u…
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RT @Im24Nikki: Christian bishop acquitted despite nun giving evidence of rape But Hindu sant shri Asharamji Bapu was in jail for 9…
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#Alwar gang rape aur Rajasthan ki ladkiyon ka haal bhi puch lo Madam !! ,😐😐
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@grannies4equal Let me add re rape in Assad:s prisons as I translate #torture_survivors at #Koblenz the excruciatin…
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The women facing rape threats and abuses on Clubhouse
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RT @FaeryAngela: If, like me, you hate having to sit thru rape scenes in movies, stay away from The Last Duel which actually makes u…
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@mukkipandy @HerFunkness any law that protects basic human rights has to be gender-neutral. physical assault is phy…
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@deepsealioness Why, just why can't men STFU & admit that in marriage ✅ Equality is a must ✅ Marital Rape is a sic…
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Look at what men have tweeted under #maritalrape, so many men fighting for their right to rape women
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@MarkyIre @Independent_ie I would say you could say literally any crime not just hate crime you could say, murder, rape, burglary etc
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RT @Kemaaayyyy: Someone would rape or molest you, you’d be trying to have a conversation with them about it and they’d gaslight you till you doubt yourself.
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RT @endclasssociety: Buyers don't "support" us. They use their wealth to coerce access to our bodies because they're either too insecure…
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RT @helentigraweyt: “The Amhara commander [he had a shoulder strap with two stars] started speaking an uncountable number of dirty word…
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RT @stclairashley: Vaccine mandates for a vaccine that does not stop transmission is medical rape.
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RT @DearthOfSid: Men deciding to opt out of marriage if marital rape is criminalised is a huge win-win for the feminist movement. #MarriageStrike
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