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At one point he flat out said he was never going to call me his boyfriend or use he/him pronouns for me. Sorry for…
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Bruh it’s midnight I should be asleep Instead I’m silently rambling on to myself about Origins crap B r u h h o…
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RT @THR: Human Rights Campaign's “Unite for Equality Live” virtual event Thursday night featured remarks from Joe Biden, May…
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Today's original unpopular poem's entry on "Twilight Catharsis" #dystopic, #laments, #dark, #poetry, #bleak,…
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RT @chubbidust: van: *rambling about a recent basketball game* 😡😡😡 kappei: 😶 #Ninjala
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Today's original unpopular poem's entry on "Twilight Catharsis" #dystopic, #laments, #dark, #poetry, #bleak,…
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@SOLIDANGELIEFAN large rambling apparently @itsmeangelieofc KUMUnited ForTeam4G
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RT @thatsaltybobcat: Which is it Bailey? Is it ship wars or not? You keep flip-flopping based on whatever is convenient! You keep postin…
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ray getting to finally meet the phantoms so he can thank them for getting julie back into music and all luke can sa…
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their conversation is kind of flowing easily although he was rambling when he's nervous. This Jaekyu guy is definit…
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I feel like rambling but idk what to ramble abt thx adhd
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@SomeBitchIKnow @threadreaderapp Beto was a shit writer. LOL, this is drivel. Sounds like every other kid that age…
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RT @mimirune: i cant describe how much i love this image. akechi’s probably rambling on about theories with naoto and hamuko is l…
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@rottaerkki WTF is she rambling and WHERE'S JOE???????????????????????????
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I gotta stop rambling now, sorry.
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Free Julian Assange, before it's too late. STOP USA EXTRADITION - Sign the Petition! via @UKChange
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RT @marianieart: Some notes from when I went out last weekend 🏃🏻‍♀️👣💫 it's the first time since quarantine that I did a solo trip AN…
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@bpmgrod No, but he doesn’t seem to know. Should we tell him? What is he rambling on about? Makes no sense. Feeding the Sheep.
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2012, 11 years old blasting landser from hifi tower talking to my friend on skype while rambling about jews. Joinin…
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@hayden2557 talking a lot rambling etc. And favouritism. Which sucks ass when there are only 2 students
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