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RT @junior27015: RAGEが始まる二週間前ほどからnerflixであるドラマをエピソード12まで見続けていたのですが、ブートキャンプが始まり見る時間がなかったので今見直そうと思ったら前回までの内容を98割忘れてしまったので、また1から見るのも癪なので一回100割忘れるまで放置したいと思います
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RT @soraruru: ライブ配信中:「APEXの大会にでるぞ そらる視点【RAGE × Legion Doujou Cup】」 配信開始しました!
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Rage quit off too laggy
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RT @challengersma: @Ilhan If it's safe enough to rage against the police and loot then it's perfectly safe to stand in line to cast your vote.
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@MarvinSpaceAli1 @dadthatwrites @dandanorly "Simp!" *high fives self, continues rage masturbating in basement*
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Member most likely to rage quit after getting one miss!
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RT @RodTheLeg: When you rage a little. lol @FourKeepsGaming
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@chain_flowers @oratorfidelis @feline_charm @rad_grrrl I went through so many emotions, I became a wee ball of guil…
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RT @TheDeshBhakt: #SushantSinghRajputCase & the public outrage gives us hope. It shows that public outrage is not dead, that the medi…
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RT @soraruru: RAGE × Legion Doujou Cup チーム歌い手総合3位でした! めちゃくちゃ緊張したけど練習の成果もあっていい成績を残せたと思います 悔しいけど楽しかったので最高でした 楽しかった~
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RT @indayevarona: The world must be laughing.... that the Philippines' top officials fall apart because of a song from one of the wor…
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RT @BDCinVT: @ReallyAmerican1 @PramilaJayapal It is so glaringly clear that smart, confident women are #WomenAgainstTrump. The…
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RT @nrasidi: [murder] hard to not feel angry seeing perpetrators being described as experiencing "a fit of rage". it exceptional…
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@xiuzianzhe @jacytheblue It’s *incredible* to watch it a second time, knowing everything, and realizing that reacti…
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Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (Minecraft) Welcome to the vibe machine live at
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RT @davidlfear: Was about to rage about how fucked things are but instead, gonna list 10 things I'm thankful for. ~Coffee ~Justin C…
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Alabama turns my road rage up to a whole other level. I never said so many obscene things about people, strangers at that in my life.
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UNHINGED Trailer (2020) Russell Crowe Road Rage Action Movie HD via @YouTube
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RT @TheMendozaWoman: I can barely engage with the Liam Fox #NHS story because it gives me blind rage. Centrist Labour MPs & the entire…
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@BoerboelUK God, the rage I feel - good job for those ******* I wasn't there!!!! (Mind, probably have needed an ambulance after! 😁😁)
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