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RT @ReadTheBioNgga: My great grandfather Floyd getting his Hat back from a racist white man
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i’ve finished my finals and can now be racist on twitter full time again
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RT @LandDilemma: FW de klerk is a racist leader who presided over the most ruthless and genocidal Gov't in history. He says SG Ace…
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@SebastianEPayne Because the left turned racist for 5 years
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Tweet from New York Post (@nypost) New York Post (@nypost) Tweeted: Disabled white farmer sues Biden admin over 'ra…
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RT @SimonUbsdell: Imagine a political leader ferociously unafraid to call out racists and fascists. I'd vote for her on that basis a…
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RT @jordanbpeterson: BLM is radical and Canada is not systemically racist. Now cancel me.
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@JamesLehmannEU @mrjamesob BREAKING: Commenting on the loss of Hartlepool a Labour spokesman has said "We didn't wa…
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imagine being racist, not a good look 😬
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RT @politicsofnv: Looks like the Tories successfully detoxified their 'nasty party' brand, simply by being openly racist and corrupt
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RT @BurnsideNotTosh: BREAKING: Commenting on the loss of Hartlepool a Labour spokesman has said "We didn't want their racist votes anywa…
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@withgodlygrace @Books2020Jt @AyoCaesar No they didn’t. You did. JT said they were anti-woke. Anti-woke does not m…
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RT @tobymorton: Racist Imbecile, @DevinNunes - "You had an incident where a Black African-American was murdered by a Police Officer…
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@Saph_234 compare being called precumsaurus and such to what us poc have to experience such as being hate crimed. W…
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Racist people suck
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@MrFoz144 @deaglesuk @RichardBurgon The younger vote (below the age of 45 & younger) is sticking with Labour. Brexi…
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RT @RepVernonJones: If you believe that voter security is “racist,” you must first believe the lie that minorities are separate and une…
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This is #Brexit Britain 2021, therefore let’s stop pretending the majority of Brits are any better than this eponym…
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@martinradio @wesstreeting @PaulWilliamsLAB They'll never learn, still over twitter some members are calling people…
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@LPGDCFC @Corbo @BritainElects They used their vote. So they're racist 😂 unbelievable
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