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@TryTeckedin @mbsangster @TryTeckenin - that's totally fine! Just point a link back so people can reach out if they have any questions!
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RT @Artem_Protocol: 💵 Free Limited ARTTs 1. Raise any question relates to Artem 2. message in @ our official telegram channel with…
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RT @NoahBookbinder: After Mark Meadows left Congress to become White House Chief of Staff, one of his campaign accounts continued to sp…
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RT @amvetsupport: The crybaby bully now decides to pick on Leslie Stahl. Why? First, she is a woman (in form for this misogynist). S…
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RT @KimStrassel: Joe Biden has an obligation to answer questions about his son’s influence-peddling and his own financial dealings—n…
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Guess who f*cked up my quiz grade just by doing other hw rather that’s focusing on the review questions...
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@GLHancock We're happy we were able to help, G! Please feel free to DM us if you have any other questions or conce…
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@ericbolling @60Minutes @realDonaldTrump @CBS Maybe you should have asked him some real questions.
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@hopefulhobiiii yehshssh i hope they ask better questions 🤞
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@realDonaldTrump @BreitbartNews As soon as you sit down and answer questions about your offspring
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@realDonaldTrump Somebody was badly prepared, maybe. Or mentally incapable of giving presidential answers to the questions.
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RT @slimgyaldem: i hate when people ask me too many questions i’m grown as hell... you are in my business i need you to not do that 😭
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Have questions about the water dispute between US-MX and what outcomes we can expect? Check out @MexicoInstitute l…
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@1n_mts_v_trust @ShashiTharoor @KanwalSibal @alok_bhatt @alok_bhatt tweeted, so he must have checked the context as…
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@mna_vx Faut vraiment se poser les bonnes questions
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✅Don't know where to send your questions? ✅Need to know how Doodle Maker will help you advance in your career? ✅Wa…
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RT @gtconway3d: poor baby trumpy he was asked questions about facts he didn't like so sad waaah @realDonaldTrump
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RT @WhenIsBirths: Dominic Cummings' email address should you want to flood his account with liquid shit and timewasting questions.
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RT @SPICe_Research: We've just published a blog answering FAQs on upcoming changes to the law for smoke and heat alarms in homes. Find…
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C99 nested arrays undefined behaviour [Votes: 1] #c #multidimensionalarray #c99
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