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#PetaCredlin should go back to hand feeding Tony Abbott from her dinner plate. Her knowledge about what actual lead…
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RT @Aashvet: Hand in glove bureaucrat with errant DHFL promoters while CBI has issued arrest warrant states the affairs of this…
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RT @CorcoranGhost: @theylovesammy__ What I find even more questionable is that she went missing in April right? They did a brief searc…
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RT @AlexpiersonAMP: Neither side can rid of this flaming bag of dog poop fast enough... but it doesn't remove the stench of a very ques…
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TLC produces a lot of questionable shows
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RT @envinyon: People crying about "the death of the fgc" instead of seeing this as a chance to clean house are pretty questionable
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RT @JustABrainThing: Modi and Rajma perfectly depict the Indian palette. Tasteless gasbags with questionable mass appeal!
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RT @flirtchans: and on this episode of chan and his questionable dance moves
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also i’m aware of ~questionable~ behavior from mr miranda so i’ll probably be opening my purse for puerto rico after watching tonight
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“oh a new picture from questionable account showing the boys NOT on an official schedule? I better share this becau…
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@8USC12 @HillaryClinton You’re judgement is based obviously on a Questionable morality
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@jcehyn this was a nightmare btw sorry he looks like questionable jungwoo
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RT @AlanRMacLeod: And now the House Armed Service Committee is blocking the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, citing this highly questi…
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RT @jccyongs: video of me laughing at nct questionable fashion
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RT @chrisfhiggins: Teenager has questionable relationship with old man, goes back in time and gets felt up by his Mum.
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RT @da__ddd: duterte’s way of cleaning our country is questionable for some and his way of doing things may seem extreme but for…
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@tomlane1957 @AaronNagler @Redskins Wow, that went to a whole different level.... Redskins is awful name. In 1800s…
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if i have ever made you uncomfortable in any situation at all please approach me directly so i can apologize to you…
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RT @sunnylovelife: But it bothers me when I see money being invested in questionable causes. I majored in geography (mainly human geo)…
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Teenager has questionable relationship with old man, goes back in time and gets felt up by his Mum.
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