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RT @gwestr: Tesla shares go up more in a day than they were worth last summer Literally nothing has changed about the company…
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RT @yeosbby: i think my dads arsd is top quality #ARSD #ARMYSelcaDay
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Ennio Morricone - My Name is Nobody - Main Theme - (High Quality Audio) HD via @YouTube
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@ArrrForReason @sekewed I dont buy nike cuz I prefer Adidas and nike is kinda shit quality lmao people get mad at me for that
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RT @ByronKellyWFG: Aside from my @therealwfg friends across North America, 🇺🇸 & 🇨🇦, I know NO ONE with opportunities to start work/ear…
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RT @alexmorgan13: A better night’s sleep means better quality time with Charlie. Thanks, @moleculesleep! 💤
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The next song is a cover from Celeste and will be uploaded by Friday. I made it last year and recently remastered t…
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RT @poptoss1995: PopToss Slow pitch softball players please view this video PopToss NEW DESIGN slow pitch n…
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RT @constellationr: .@awscloud CodeGuru uses machine learning to improve code quality @TechTarget @darrylktaft
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RT @Tourller: Good morning, If you need to; •Buy quality wigs, hair extensions and more at an affordable price. •Turn your weav…
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RT @evssofficial_: don’t try speed up your process because you’ll be ruining the quality. Wait for your timing..
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High-quality item. Very sturdily built. Looks like it will not only protect our computer and pad and cell phone fro…
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RT @poptoss1995: PopToss has sales that have increased by 300%. PopToss New Design is the best non battery, non electric pitching ma…
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RT @BreeNewsome: The gov’t engineers the conditions of poverty thru its policies, chooses to fund the police & prison industry inste…
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Streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ can learn a lot from Nintendo and PlayStation. Both companies have excl…
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RT @wheremyclitoris: Where is my clitoris? Make Happy Make your girlfriend happy "High-quality map for the clitoris and everything abo…
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RT @alexmorgan13: A better night’s sleep means better quality time with Charlie. Thanks, @moleculesleep! 💤
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RT @izzraimy: Here’s a thread of habits that you need to change as soon as possible: 1. Sleeping late. Try to sleep by 11pm dai…
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@ElskanTriumph yeah, there's a lot of factors involved here, and all of them come back to the training that comes o…
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This is better quality than my eyes will ever be
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