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GOODNIGHT MOOTS!! ✨✨ I'm gonna be putting RED on my spotify sleep timer queue 🥺❤
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RT @AimeeCho4: VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS: Since kids can't go out on field trips these days, @NatGeoMuseum is putting on a virtual field…
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RT @FPWellman: No notice to the public. No notice to Congress. @SecWilkie can’t be bothered to even pretend to do the basics of hi…
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@cryptoJunky6b @OD_ant Alrighty then. Jesus uses the exact same verbiage of himself 7 times in the New Testament. P…
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RT @SoloChills: Y'all been putting hot cheetos on everything and that's why everything is fucked up now
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Leno putting in a performance Pickford, Kepa and Almunia would be proud of #RAPARS
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RT @ddale8: Stahl: Why haven't we seen your health care plan you keep saying is coming? Trump: "You have seen it. I've been put…
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Putting good energy into the universe today. Feeling lucky and blessed and want to pay that forward to others. It's…
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@PaulKieramax @SavMondo you have two trains in the morning - one gets there before seven o clock, the other by 8am.…
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RT @crystalhobii: putting @CUBECLC members in different boygroups — a thread
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RT @thesecret: Faith is trusting in the good. Fear is putting your trust in the bad.
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Forget about putting Arteta back into the Ole/Lamps conversation we near taking Leno out of the Allison/Ederson one 😂😂
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@senatemajldr You're putting a vote on the floor without the required Dems. QUORUM ANYONE?
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@ProjectLincoln @NHJennifer @lcsenecal @FPWellman @natsechobbyist it wasn’t just Hunter’s business, they said they…
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RT @nissanvel: I paid my Bill on sep 30th.till now @kotak wont update my bill.They putting penalty charge also.What is happening?…
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Even the North of Nigeria knows that they shot themselves in the foot by putting forward this man to take "their tu…
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No single regard for lost lives,no investigation, no justice statement, no compensation for lives lost, just self c…
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RT @polargirl1: @Yazooming @Raywoolford @TallulahTangle My friend was left a widow with a 6 week old baby putting her in this posit…
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RT @hankrsmith: Showing people you love them is 2% effort and 98% putting down your phone. @CollinKartchner
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@afcmanuel @RoliTshindane @EduardoHagn stop putting words in my mouth when did I hold laca accountable for not prod…
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