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@alexjkale @sbmtpgc leave the qrts help 😭 read the op first im not even doing this with yalls half arsed replies, a…
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RT @imsoshive__: Put this in the Olympics
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RT @TrophyXpose: Hard frosts, sleet and cold rain during hatching season earlier in summer has caused loss of entire broods of grous…
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@PJohnsonBet @DoncasterRaces You’d like to think the Course would put that up on there home page or something like…
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RT @aprilovesminho: #MINHO put your head on my shoulder
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RT @_patrickrohr: I came to #Japan as journalist, in order to produce some nice items about Japanese culture and lifestyle for the na…
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RT @2seoktonin: imagine being like "putting on a sticker is too much work im gonna put a needle straight thru my eyebrow thats easier" like hes not Real
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@imtiaz_kibria @FameLadySquad I’m not 100% on it I just put the ones with the rarest trait %s could be off.
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RT @odedanilo: Lord please put me in a position to make more money
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RT @modooborahae: "If you just see the artist as a product, how can they do anything creative? I really think it’s very contradictory…
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RT @charts_k: Suga: “If you just see the artist as a product, how can they do anything creative? I really think it’s very contrad…
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RT @MummyMyrian: Guess what he is also running for mayor Yall will put a man with rape idealogy in office A man who thinks it's OK t…
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RT @am__George: Mr. DJ please put #GodsHand on repeat 🔥🎶
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RT @SuzanneEvans1: While we were clapping and cheering and ‘Protecting the NHS’ the NHS was drawing up plans to deny the over 70s hosp…
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RT @oluwapelumi_ii: I saw it’s your birthday today. Happy birthday to you, I pray this new year brings you peace. The kind that won’t m…
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RT @MikeSalazar777: Jin is working very hard to put his documentary out and he already did a tremendous job in 2019, catching the momen…
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@corybernardi I’m glad you put the warning about not being able to handle the overflowing common sense. I brain rea…
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RT @Aaron_jb22: Is this man Wentz made outta glass bro like damn u ain’t even put on shoulder pads yet and now u out wit a foot inj…
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