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RT @LloydLegalist: Master of puppets.
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@SkyZamaray "Panjabi interests" now control half of AFG while your masters are withdrawing. America gives you more…
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thinking about it, 3rd grade is when a lot of random obsessions started with me 🧍🏻‍♀️ like barn owls and georgia o’…
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RT @filmsonwax: After THE SECRET SERVICE, Anderson began using live actors instead of puppets, which seemed to give Gray a second w…
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GOP lawmaker slammed in Washington Post for parroting Tucker Carlson's racist 'replacement' conspiracy theory
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RT @JCRWYN: So Duterte admitted it: his regime is not "democratic-republic". His government today is a militarist regime or a…
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Obey 🤘🤘🤘🖤🖤 Master of Puppets (Remastered) via @YouTube
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RT @rjoseph7777: GOP lawmaker slammed in Washington Post for parroting Tucker Carlson's racist 'replacement' conspiracy theory
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The idea that immigration policies are "replacing" white people is an explicitly white supremacist idea, &…
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@tedcruz Former guy and @LeaderMcConnell were puppets of Putin and you said nothing. Why?
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Meat Puppets - Plateau (Bing Lounge) via @YouTube
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Behind a firewall of impunity & protection...U.S. clients&puppets have engaged in the worst crimes known to man, fr…
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RT @BandoHorn: The west will not sanction UAE, Saudi, Uganda, Kenya, Egypt, and other states for their crimes because they’re irre…
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Our Puppet Making program still has spaces available for your family! In this program, you will have a great time m…
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#VVSDProud seniors day 229 of teachers union puppets looking for new excuses to take quality learning from the kids…
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It's true that the #California #Senate is full of advocates of #marxism and paid-for #soros puppets; they will try…
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@SkyZamaray You know why KBL has such a shitty air force? Because panjab pressured your "foundational strategic" al…
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@TeaRoomBetty Paul's Puppets-Baltimore Md. 1950's Background Music from The Nutcracker
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Media once again gives receipts for their bias reporting showing they are propaganda puppets for democrats
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