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@BucksLittleSis While they walked he couldn't help but smile wide. Those pale lips of hisncurling back like that of…
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RT @nytimesbooks: The pulsing metropolis at the heart of “Ghosts of New York” is so overwhelming in scope and impervious to circumsta…
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RT @babykookah: Pulsing behind his eyes like a ticking time bomb. Like someone screaming “hey, it’s time to hurt and break all ov…
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Someone’s gonna get tired of the pin retrieval area pulsing with the back of his perfect when reminded by these new slogan,
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The dom said “I am not done with you” the sub whined but the dome said “no baby I never gave you permission”. The d…
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RT @diorthewhore: tw // police brutality #DaunteWright, a 20 year old father of a two year old, was killed by police in Brooklyn Ce…
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⠀ ( 🔥 ) ‘ Shut your 𝗠𝗢𝗨𝗧𝗛. ‘ Coiled around the arm, some (thin) type of primarily dark matter,…
— slimy hand now, panting softly. His thick log of a dick pulsing all over as it gets a nice tight loving from a long tongue..
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@PortialovesThee Sweetheart, I’m not gonna last. I’ve been pent up all day. *he takes one hand and rubs her pearl…
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Secure and random passphrase: dossils whinge pulsing greyness | Strength: 0.951577/1.0 | #passphrase #passwords…
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Ruth's response is rebellion, functionally; to fight the system, to resist it in small ways and large, and to try t…
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[big pulsing spiral] you want to kiss a fish (x5)
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🤖 School Days - College Math Tutor Swallows My Pulsing Cum Load THROATPIE POV
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RT @attractfunding: @lilchiva @CassidyMentus @HunterBergsma @MatiosTV Wait - could these grid cells be like a pulsing sonar that tracks…
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*pulsing tones* *bip beep bip, beep beep, bip beep beep bip, bip bip bip bip* *zzrtb*
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RT @lil_undead_hg: 그리고 내년 1월 초에 가는 FH 시날 독성배... 저 PC1(하트) 맡게 되어서 만들었어요 이름 라이가(雷牙) 코드네임 (Pulsing Flat Line)HEART 21세에 키 2미터에 퓨블독사격딜러고 하…
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@gayenbygremlin big squishy fat musky drone balls pulsing and full of loveeeee <333
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@vincentdonofrio The pulsing creativity and the vibrant diversity drive the heartbeat of this magnificent city.
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@TheRealGDColon Can feel the energy pulsing through and outta this.
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They stumble back a few steps, adrenaline pulsing through their veins. “It’s been a long time since I met another…
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