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@asknyaora @amerix Proudly Like a legend that you are.
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RT @notshoyours: twitter crop is gone so here's kiyoomi receiving and atsumu smiling proudly at him.
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Proudly playing the songs the Feeble Music stations won't! You Should Hear How She Talks About You by Melissa Manch…
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YSES proudly congratulates - Team Elbirds - for winning 2nd Runner-up among 16 teams across the country, in the rec…
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People be walking around with STDs wearing that shit proudly like its a code of honor Yall some sick ass people. 😷
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People talking about khan sahab’s body language fawk you even if we are poor walk proudly we are not gulam
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@fionahtweet @JohnMcKz @PeteWishart And if some alba members hadn't spoiled their first vote for SNP (they proudly…
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RT @875hz: proudly presenting: the yoongi why gif
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(4) You came out from the kitchen w/ a tray filled w/ lasagna & freshly squeezed orange juice. "She cooks well." J…
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RT @KholoBlue: Honouring our ancestors is not a sin nor is it demonic. Christianity must not confuse us. Proudly molobedu ❤…
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RT @iAakankshahere: दिल्ली के खान मार्किट से कल से आजतक लगभग 425 से ज्यादा ऑक्सीजन concentrator बरामद हुए हैं.. सागरिका घोष कहाँ हैं भ…
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@MsLaToshaBrown SAD. Unfair. It is already the norm for GQP. Proudly corrupt since 1981....
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@dumindaxsb Indian Variant officially and proudly introduced by this government.
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RT @SAFFAOnAirRadio: Playing Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Video) for the SAFFAs around the world. Making the world our home. P…
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RT @GoBirds_: @mirandadevine @EmeraldRobinson @emerald @WHPressSec “Good questions”!?!? Lmfao so you’re proudly a toxic drag on…
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i proudly wear jimin and hoseok’s harmonizing bit for fix you as a tattoo on my heart #BTSARMY  #BestFanArmy…
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