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@idknim_ If it helps, i just woke up from a really productive nap..
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Productive Friday morning 🌞 @ Felda tenang, labis, Johor
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RT @csantoro91412: Productive meeting today with @MonteMcNaughton Minister of Labour. Thank you for taking the time to ask questions…
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RT @ClassyCAAngel: Have a fantastic and productive day😃
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The current regime has amply demonstrated its antipathy for peace & social progress. When it wasn't working hard to…
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RT @PeterAlexander: NEW: Dr. Anthony Fauci tells @NBCNews he participated in a “very productive Zoom meeting” with Biden’s landing team…
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RT @Skinnyy_B: What a productive, blessed, and abundant week I just had. Thankful x infinity💚
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RT @CoderTsv: Because talking about a one-dimensional space isn't always productive, but it's usually not point-less (dimensional…
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Screw learning a language or new software or taking up a new hobby being the image of a productive time in quaranti…
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@18fesss Be productive
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RT @Microsoft: You: I’m going to be so productive today. 10 minutes into the workday: Welp, it’s about time for a snack.
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Meanwhile, highly productive and successful people burn all the time 😂
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RT @MsAFromBK: Thank you #BillsMafia & EVERYONE voting: #ProBowlVote | @J_poyer21 If anyone deserves votes, it’s Jordan Poyer..…
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@Red_Edgeworth I'm ALWAYS productive
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RT @t0nit0ne: Clubhouse is just like other social media platforms. You can choose what you want to consume and engage with. Disen…
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lmao y’all gotta let go of that hater energy, it don’t do nothin productive for you
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Because talking about a one-dimensional space isn't always productive, but it's usually not point-less (dimensional…
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I’ve been in bed for a while now, which is typical. Some days I’m in bed even earlier depending on how I’m feeling.…
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True procrastination can be wildly productive.... You ain’t never get done some little tasks you’ve been putting…
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@BenjaminBiddle3 @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris Why do you think it productive to offend everyone?
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