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@WickedWalnut You say “can”, not have to. Is that right? I’m a procrastinator so I’d wait until one fell and then t…
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how similar are we?! 10% - filo 10% - namjoon biased 10% - 5'9 10% - a procrastinator 10% - hate school…
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RT @alexcollins74: Usually when I “forget” to do something it’s really because I’m a procrastinator and I just didn’t feel like it.
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Usually when I “forget” to do something it’s really because I’m a procrastinator and I just didn’t feel like it.
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@arsenalistrator The worst part is this stuff isn’t due for another week but I’ve put it off for so long that if I…
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RT @divaadeva95: I would probably find out about the proposal only the next year ... because there’s no bigger procrastinator around…
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..ahmpf.. ..late lahat ng paperworks ko.. ..wala akong naisa-submit on time sa totoo lang.. ..pero don't think i…
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Such a procrastinator that before I've even started an assignment well before it's due date I'll start thinking abo…
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As a writer and procrastinator getting a rough draft done is a very big accomplishment 😭💞
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End of vacations are the time when I start daydreaming of the next one. This is the one time I am not a procrastinator.
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Yeah, I speaking of crushes I'm scared asf to tell her LMAO good thing I'm a god tier procrastinator 😎
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@pinoyavenger I'm one week past my deadline because imma procrastinator lol
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professional procrastinator.
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Being a procrastinator is all fine & great until it’s Sunday night.
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I am a true procrastinator. I am literally taking my damn time putting on my makeup before filming. Not like I have…
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RT @_vithubala: I hate that I am a procrastinator !!
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RT @angstudying: hey!! i’m new to #studytwt so i'm looking for moots <3 - she / her - year 10 - night owl - sixteen - procrastinat…
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This year I’m going to try to be less of an procrastinator
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moots better not dislike this category bc i am a procrastinator
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I love being prepared idk why it’s just a habit of mine. I’ve already started packing up my apartment and donating…
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