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@patrick_pavandi Proving my point that Persians were cool and islam caused problems. Thank you
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RT @orinoxide: It's too easy to succumb to doomerism, so here's a reminder that a lot of our self-inflicted environmental problems…
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RT @MarkCha29499084: The judicial system focuses on identifying individual problems and punishing people who are deemed to be responsibl…
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@KGskhu Hence I’m not going to give him a chance, I don’t want to burden him with my problems
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@bass20320 So, are you really serious about the peoblems you caused? As we can see, you throw all about the problem…
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RT @svpino: One of the most useful things you can learn: Greedy algorithms, how they work, and how to solve problems using th…
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RT @SirMhithi_: Actually one of the best experiences for most men aside having money to solve major problems, is having a woman who…
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RT @FabrizioRomano: Grealish's agent Barnett: “He told us he didn't want any problems with Aston Villa and any transfer had to be handl…
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RT @NickBuckleyMBE: Good to chat today with @MahyarTousi about politics and how politicians do not fix our problems - including terrori…
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RT @sibi_chakra: Every techie in India happens to know English... So, if decades of linguistic arrogance of some native Hindi speak…
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…The same thing you said is the nALGCt time I get home I will be home soon and I’ll be back in a couple minutes to…
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RT @blunted_james: Anonymous social media accounts criticising politicians aren’t the cause of the problems. They are the response to the problems.
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@FrankKane11 @CherryFlaming what trouble? since when you have typing problems, mister...🤨🤨😂have fun, Frank🤗🤗
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RT @Cernovich: @DavidRobjant You refuse to answer a straightforward question because you lack a coherent ethical framework. You do…
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RT @hannahhbbahng: cutting my hair would solve 99% of all my problems
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@TitanAnderson1 Man shit I was too .. Jeffery and Harold were cussing so much problems .. but Weaver ass is a problem too once he comes back
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@bass20320 Interesting. You say you are serious about the problems you caused, but you went to a movie, a pet expo…
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RT @FinancialTimes: WTO director-general warns global supply chain problems could last ‘several months’
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Everytime I had a problem he would reply with “you got this” even for things he can try to help me with. Had some i…
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