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RT @Zilch_Saber: Btw, Shinoa's squad priorities though. Like first they were: We need to save Mirai first! Yoichi spotted Yuu cryi…
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RT @ElisaFerreiraEC: On today's #CRII+ proposals presented by @EU_Commission for maximum flexibility in the rules of #Cohesion funds so…
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RT @ASlavitt: My 20 Coronavirus Fighting Priorities the Trump Administration Should Pursue
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RT @rsydanz: Buang sifat terhegeh hegeh tu sebab people won't appreciate your presence until you decide to exclude them from your priorities.
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RT @miss_thats: @PreetBharara We here in #Florida will never forget that @RonDeSantisFL let thousands of #SpringBreakers party like…
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RT @Sky_Lee_1: Priorities @realDonaldTrump! $45,000 on 2 nights of renting golf carts! #TrumpOwnsEveryDeath
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RT @98LAFLARE: my priorities all fucked up she adorin me
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RT @psf___rashid: No protective gears for Doctors, Paramedics & support personnel, but uniforms for #TigerForce are being prepared fr…
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This is exactly what I expected from someone his age and with his priorities.
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RT @rogue_nationn: Tejasvi deserves it for sucking up to lowly libturd. He couldn't tweet one time in support of True Indology but has…
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@arachnocapital2 @chaosprime honestly kind of miffed that *that* takes priority over the Oxford comma but I can onl…
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RT @CSBAGUGANDA: @GovUganda should overhaul national spending priorities. The UGX 206b expected for welfare, entertainment and donat…
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That moment you realize your the internet being hooked up at the new house right now. Power was on…
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RT @Dammie__m: It really shows where their priorities lie
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RT @duniyabhadwihai: Three different priorities.
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RT @KimHaokipINC: Today in CWC Meeting, discussions regarding the priorities before the country and Government took place. Comprehen…
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RT @SajidHussainSy3: Recent health crisis unveil the state priorities in GB . Even not a single well equiped Lab is available to diagno…
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my priorities all fucked up she adorin me
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RT @CaccioppoliMike: In order to crown a demented sexual predator the @dnc wants to cancel the convention in Wisconsin over 3 months fro…
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RT @drawandstrike: Good. GOOD. They need to keep going. They need to CONTINUE to show the voters as CLEARLY AS POSSIBLE what Demo…
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