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RT @karol: Very soon a lot of people are going to pretend they never wanted to mask toddlers.
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wtf did that girl do lmfao 💀💀💀 maybe they just followed her bc they had to pretend being her friend while she was at the house idk (and idc)
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RT @KhandaniM: So the NEC didn’t discuss Lindiwe Sisulu’s article, it only discussed Lindiwe. Classical case of playing the man an…
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RT @khandgaf: just pretend u didn't see the caption. the emoji. like butterfly, koala and summoning star. u didnt see that. i mea…
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RT @SkyeAsiyanbi: Cassie basically told Nate “I love being the side bitch you fuck once a week and pretend you don’t know in public 😍” lmaoooo
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If you don't want to address voter fatigue because neither party is going to actually try to stop our death by the…
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og!sukuna entertaining shotagumi when he decides he wants to pretend to be a cat for a day
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RT @nappykitchen1: Amrou Fudl is the name of the dude from Fresh & Fit who is Sudanese, but goes by the name of Myron Gaines, a name t…
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RT @Dainsleif_10: @BN_Bulls for those people who still pretend it wasn't dirty or intentional.
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Just pretend the last bullet on the "accomplishments" isn't there. I wasn't happy. I'm okay now.
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RT @BobBliss8: @nytimes Everyone knows the answer: better pay. But the bosses pretend they don’t know what’s going on, which is t…
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'you can do it but if you can't,let's just pretend that you can' my motivation for the quiz today 😀
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Lexi, I too like to pretend my family isn’t actually my family
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im just gonna pretend the double sided nacific pcs dont exist for the sake of my sanity and bank account
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@Aruthasexy1 Pretend Santa Claus is real. Do you change your behavior to get better gifts?
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Cryptobros are really concerned about the value of their pretend currency for people that swear they are reinventing the financial system
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RT @khandgaf: just pretend u didn't see the caption. the emoji. like butterfly, koala and summoning star. u didnt see that. i mea…
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@christophvmp I hope this means you can pretend to stream in a forest.
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RT @localtoxicbitch: i’m gonna pretend that cal and derek got married, lived happily ever after and nate jacobs was never created…
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RT @Akshay_96_: To be a great champion you must believe you are the best. If you're not, pretend you are. PRATIK DESERVES BB TROPHY
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