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RT @10DowningStreet: “We’re set for a warm weekend but we cannot afford to relax social distancing measures." – @MattHancock at yesterda…
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RT @fashionpressnet: 「佐倉チューリップフェスタ」千葉で、東日本最大級約80万本が咲き誇る絶景チューリップ畑 -
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RT @nomadkzt: 国の対応が遅いから酒造メーカーが消毒液代わりのアルコールを出してくれた。薬事法にひっかかる問題であくまでお酒だと言い張るしかないそう >※当商品は消毒用アルコールと同等のアルコール分を含んでおりますが、消毒や除菌を目的に製造され…
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RT @SimonCalder: BA refund update. Your booking has been cancelled? Airline must repay you. The cancellation email encourages you to…
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RT @JennaEllisEsq: White House should just select a rotation of normal, common sense Americans to be present at these press conference…
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RT @fashionpressnet: 「フリスク」がリップクリームに!突き抜ける爽快感&ミントの香りを再現 -
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RT @mochikjm: Look at the wide gap, EXO-Ls. Let's help kerries vote for #SUHO on Idol Champ. Download the VPN 'Viel Duck' and ope…
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@boothpaul1958 Hahaha - ok a 100 press ups now 🤣🤣 Morning Ben...😊😊
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RT @funder: Networks should only air the part of the coronavirus press conferences where Dr. Fauci talks. Raise your hand if yo…
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@ejhchess I assume labour will go back to being reactive. Following whatever the press goes with, ‘cos we’ve got to…
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One of my poems was nominated - Happy Dance! @NomadicDelirium Press
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RT @thebradfordfile: Any journalist who seemly cannot understand how a 'federal stockpile' must be strategically distributed to states b…
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RT @LOLrakshak: Ans: XO beer - a unique campaign created by Neil French for a beer that did not exist. Singapore Press Holdings was…
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RT @FilmyYash: Not @RedChilliesEnt office, his another 4 storey office! He didn't even mention it in the press release. Thanks to…
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RT @maxwelltani: Per an internal email, Associated Press deputy tech editor Nick Jesdanun has died from coronavirus.
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What if @realDonaldTrump gave a press conference and nobody covered it? We all know he's a full of shit, lying mo…
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Trump 'severely mentally troubled' and must resign from coronavirus response, mental health group warns
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@Craig4Brexit Stay safe dude ... Problem for me is it's not even sunny yet ... Grrrrrrr
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RT @TheCoalitionSF: CAR BLOCKADE!! We’re in front of the Emergency Operations Center before Breed’s press conference demanding she…
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