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@RaviSinghKA Khalsa ji i will give you my kidney...i never saw person like you...i pray waheguru for your good health..please get well soon
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RT @grlxlmghty: [quindici] retweet for vote¡ “it’s a church of burnt romances, and i’m too far gone to pray” I vote #Louies for…
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@xjNxJhR93ZIb4Fk こんな感じに身動きできない状態で好き放題に触られて感度が高まったところで、全ての穴を埋め尽くしちゃいたいね〜 ※拾い
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RT @Kanon_Takao: わっ!千紗ちゃん歌って踊ってる・・・😭💓 可愛いよぅ〜(´;ω;`)✨ 「Pray for you」ゲームの3Dライブが公開になりました🎤 ゲームがますます楽しみになりますね! ぜひ沢山見てね\( 'ω')/ヘーイ…
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RT @DoriCreates: When your efforts are successful, give thanks for it. Success is meant for All of us. Are separate roles are impor…
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@sansbarrier சரிதான்.... ஆயிரம்தான் இருந்தாலும் அவர் நம்ம பையன் !....😁😁😁 pray to his speedy recovery. !.
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RT @psbushiri: Have yourself a blessed week ahead. We love you and we pray for you!
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RT @yanikior: i pray my daughter never run into the niggas i ran into or put up with half the shit i did.
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RT @caroline4real: Motivate yourself, speak highly of yourself and pray for yourself. You are important.🤗
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RT @far4hazman: happy fasting everyone! i pray Ramadhan comes with full of blessings, good news and positive vibes 🤍
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Pray .Wait. Trust 💯💯🦅🧏‍♂️
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RT @_Niiiinnaaa: I pray this Ramadan heals everyone going through pain 💘
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@anis_sufia HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY TO MY CHILDHOOD FRIEND🥺❤️ I always pray for your success anis✨ may tou have a good da…
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I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting. 1 Timothy 2:8 King…
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RT @Maryamhasnaa: Pray that you are doing what the Almighty created you to do.
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RT @1LTY1: everyday i pray for this hairstyle to come back but in black
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RT @baddestcash_: Nothing can be depressing like being unemployed and broke. Staying in the house all day not knowing where your next…
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استهتار وعدم احترام.... #وزارة_التجارة #وزارة_العمل #البلدية @FiveGuys this is a sign of disrespect as Resturent’s…
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Lord I pray everyday that you take this sensitive and good person bullshit out of me. Allow me to see people for wh…
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Risking town after work Pray for me as I battle my way to the nespresso kiosk
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