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RT @InnoEnergyEU: Are you an innovative start-up in sustainable energy? Apply to join EIT InnoEnergy, the biggest sustainable energy…
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New York City’s Biggest Battery Is Quietly Powering Brooklyn
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⠀ ⠀⠀ enemy with the over-powering ⠀⠀ scent of jasmine blossoms, and ⠀⠀ leaves them in a we…
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RT @AfricaOilPower: "According to the #AfricanDevelopmentBank, #EquatorialGuinea’s economy has been one of the fastest-growing in…
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Senegal's vast oil and gas finds are key to helping the country reach its goal of becoming an emerging market by 20…
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New York City’s Biggest Battery Is Quietly Powering Brooklyn #YahooFinance #Traffic…
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This might work if you're in a funk, but MDD has heaps of somatic symptoms and just powering through is therapeutically useless.
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RT @whalesorg: Killer whales, or orcas, don’t kill people and are in fact the largest member of the #dolphin family. With their di…
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@GareauKyle @LicencePhil @CBCAlerts There will always be issues getting energy to market but @GareauKyle are you dr…
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@TankLanning @ikeytigers Please don’t use the words powering up. I can’t take it anymore. 😂
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RT @MaadMcCann: “ @UmemeLtd commits support to powering businesses in Uganda.”- @dabirungi #MonitorThoughtLeaders19 📸 :…
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#BarrickGold's quest for growth with "Strategic #Copper". The red metal is going green during Tesla Energy…
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RT @GlblCtzn: We launched a new podcast! ⭕Meet ‘Powering the Movement' by Global Citizen.
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RT @NMag_CT: Our economy is on its knees yet the ANC is powering ahead with the amendment of Section 25 of the Constitution. It'…
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Powering Tesla Energy #rEVolution: #TNRGold Royalty With #McEwen Mining - #LosAzules And Top 10 Copper Mining Proje…
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RT @SmartEnergyCncl: Find out how Australia can be a renewables superpower #smartenergysummit Tuesday Hear abou…
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Got that @Drake pumping through the headphones powering me through this 12 hour shift
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Woke up with a splitting migraine at half 5 and it's too late to go back to sleep so I guess I'm powering through on 4 hours sleep!
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@paddyjmurphy uh oh, he's powering up!!! 💪
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