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RT @K__Quotes: Greed for power comes because we do not understand ourselves. To understand ourselves requires a great deal of work…
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RT @MarcielScot: The Myanmar people continue to show daily, with astonishing courage, that they will not accept the Tatmadaw’s attem…
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RT @TaintlessRed: Iheanacho has a way of striking a ball left footed with power without backlift that reminds me a bit of Sturridge.
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RT @_kookielish_: It's okay if you aren't going to cancel the exams, we will show you our power in next election mark my words. Retw…
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@aurelievache @ponceto91 @NargaAang Y a un arcade power stick dessus. Ça change tout le gameplay.
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RT @helmyyelmo: I wish i had the power to ignore you like you ignore me
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RT @TeamRalphella_: Team Ralph, Team Ella and RalphElla please vote RalphElla. 4% na uli ang lamang! Power Vote na uli bago kayo matulo…
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RT @intohyunins: chan: ‘’i believe you guys can do anything. i hope you can become what you really want to be. STAY can make miracle…
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RT @HBO: ❤️ This tweet to receive an exclusive weekly look ahead of #TheNevers all season long. Now you have the power to lo…
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The power just went out and I'm supposed to start stream in an hour 🙃 ffffff
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RT @amer_aljeffrey: Power Aunty ni oi! 😂
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RT @kat_armas: Them: be like Jesus Me: ok *drinks wine, calls people hypocrites, upsets men in power* Them: not like that Me: 🤷🏽‍♀️
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RT @antgrasso: The most recent wave of digital attackers is pushing past the traditional high-tech industries, demonstrating the p…
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RT @MiteshK10: Thank you so much sir @SonuSood → Retweet my tweet and use #cancelboardexam2021 show the power of students 🙏🏻
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@DonBelleOFC @donnypangilinan @bellemariano02 POWER OF TWEETS! 💙❤ DONBELLE UNSCRIPTED #DonBelle
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RT @28iicfh: we hold too much power it’s been like four minutes #tinysnakes
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@hayashibacchan アナフェス500円なんで良かったらそっちもついでに!(笑)
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@nomdeguerre_ @NASA @POTUS @Space_Station @SpaceForceDoD This concept is basically for a Hall-Effect thruster (ion…
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RT @ctrlhwng: 🐺 i believe in stays. you guys have that power. especially when stays become one and really unite i feel like we ar…
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#SRHvsKKR. KKR used best the power play. Failed in slog overs. 4 wkts for 26 runs!
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