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RT @bengaljims_BTR: BEST POST OF THE WEEK! 🤣👍🏽
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RT @colorfulanyix: ¿Estudiás en la universidad? 🎓📚 Queremos saber como estás llevando la post-cuarentena. Somos estudiantes de 5º Sem…
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RT @Akaashiii_05: Lemme just post my first digital art🥺 ( I don't know what to post xnsjxk) #Anitwt
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RT @glitzy_cynthia: This people really dont rate us sha .. how can you recycle a tweet from 2016 and post to us for closure.. people di…
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RT @Richard_Stanway: Can all my friends that like darts please join my page (or atleast Retweet this post) Going to run another free co…
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Dahil feeling presh sya and he kinda like the lighting.. isakit ulo post natin. sexbomb ka gohrl?
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Can we post our pictures now?
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No lo sabía.:0 En fin, Feliz post-cumpleaños @malbahaca , si no repitió torta, puedes hacerlo hoy. Hasta este tweet…
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@DanGinnane Channel 7 put on a great show. And then the post match show began. STINKS
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Dinako makapag shared post.
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RT @dealbase: I will send $200 USD to one random person in 48 hours! All you have to do is retweet this and reply "@FaZeClan
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RT @bbcmundo: Por qué algunas naciones tienen éxito y otras fracasan
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RT @bbcmundo: Por qué algunas naciones tienen éxito y otras fracasan
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RT @BBCUrdu: صحافی علی عمران سید لاپتہ:’مرشد ازالہ کیجیے، دعائیں نہ دیجیے‘
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RT @lewis_goodall: In case of interest, as I've just been explaining on @BBCNewsnight just now We are talking about a lot of kids. 15…
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@prmyaslyn Hello! I asked for my image not to be reposted! This includes cropping and posting the image. I have alr…
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RT @KingBobbyG_Art: Steve and Alex palette swap because I wanna actually post something this week lol Likes & RTs appreciated as always
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RT @piersmorgan: The New York Post's Twitter account has been locked for a week because it has published allegations about the Biden…
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RT @khilanii: I stop myself atleast twice a day from making a post that might stir the pot. 😂
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RT @Nate_Cohn: One important election night twist: early mail ballots are really good for Biden in Arizona so far, reversing the t…
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