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RT @AdityaMandawat: #ISCHEMIA 1. If no angina or high risk features, meds. 2. If meds, r/o LMCA disease with a CTA. 3. If uncontro…
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RT @catgirl321: 🆘CODE RED: EXTENSION🆘 Gorgeous gentle GEORGE @philafelines was brought in from the streets in poor health😿 He needs…
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Penetrated poor Canadian by 45 the most richest family in Canada got dangers point,more richest more hungry to eat…
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@shellybeans20 They scored twice when we should have been on the PP. They'd looked clueless at times, poor show
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RT @tgallox: REAL drug dealers have houses & cars. They also have money EVERY day. The purpose of selling drugs is to make more…
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RT @ishakaa: Guys, no matter what this poor girl did, let us retweet till the @PoliceNG or relevant security agencies arrest the…
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RT @vobouji: seokmin deadass looked at jihoon then lifted him poor jihoon he looked scared hdjshsk
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@RMNarrative @FrontierPoetry Ohh my God that's great! 😆 Poor Momo. 😆
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RT @Shanika_WM: The fact that this government did nothing about cladding after grenfell is utterly shameful. Don’t care about poor…
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RT @Dikte17: Poor sweet senior dog, 10 yrs ❤️ Hopefully there is a loving home for him for the time he has left ❤️🙏
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Your system is so poor I must say,please do something about this.@save_aero @flyaero @aerocontractors
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RT @samariajd_: Schools making it mandatory for kids to have internet access to do homework is just another way for poor kids to ge…
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@GaryTomson5 @LuBonLez Methinks he failed Basic, or (more likely) a handsome Servicemember ‘stole’ the poor woman he was stalking.
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RT @janinegibson: Poor Pizza Express doesn’t need this either
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RT @lauexcelsior: My poor baby :'(
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RT @NightlyPolitics: WH Employee Paula White Implores Everyone to Send Her $229 Immediately (Or $31 If You're Poor)
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RT @greenrain2008: Serious question: why the hell do the #HongKongPolice always drop tear gas when there's no protestors around? Its n…
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everyone tweeting about how poor @EASPORTSFIFA gameplay is this week, but again, no response? Am I surprised?
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