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@TatiannaTarot I think you’d love the energy of little 5 points. Check out Planet Bombay for some bomb India food while you’re out there😍
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RT @ChrisCPandolfo: Contrarian opinion: If this happens again, Hillary will score points by turning to Trump and saying, "You won, and…
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RT @GrogsGamut: Some poor person in the PMO is having a bad morning. But thanks for sending the entire press gallery the day’s ta…
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@Dave_Matter Too many points
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RT @GNACsports: Here are the #GNACMSOC standings. @MSUBsports climbs to the top with nine points after winning two games this week.
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RT @mozes80: Quand j’explique au prof qu’il m’a oublié des points sur ma copie
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RT @AndrewJordan77: Gave it everything ! 2 points off winning it. If you think back to Round 2 at Donington to fight back to this is am…
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🥳 ⭐️ We are proud that students at SFX have so far gained 5,000 House Points from staff this year and that every si…
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HOLD UP, if you look closely at some points, it looks the the monsters eye, remember in the lobby the icon to the g…
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RT @AlamanjoElvis: I'm not an expert in such matter but due to my experience I want to make four points . . . . Thank you ladies and gentlemen #BRANGA
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RT @YesCymru: 'Given a choice between a no-deal Brexit and an independent Scotland, there was a 54-46 lead for independence, up t…
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RT @glennonsports: #Titans have scored total of 7 points in last 7-plus quarters at this point.
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@BEASTwriter_ Bruh, it’s 3rd and 12 and we are at the 50 yard line.. 3 points are not guaranteed
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@FortniteGame my boyfriend reached 1m points in the minigame does he get a free skin or something?
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@ninamonday like they have shouldered such different weights at different points in their life. thinking about like…
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RT @SethAbramson: 19/ The result is that we say, "Oh! The Trump-Zelensky phone call! Wow!" as if that's the ballgame—rather than lite…
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RT @TylerIAm: Mahomes hadnt been held under 26 points until last week, now its happened two weeks straight. Can you say BUST
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RT @D_Cashley: Oregon’s defense has allowed less points than: Clemson Bama Oklahoma Washington Ohio State UGA LSU Florida Etc.…
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RT @OctagonBballEU: Briante Weber @Sir_deuce2 is leading Boulogne Levallois to a 4-0 start in the French LNB, as the American guard had…
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RT @OxfordCityStars: 📣 END OF 3RD PERIOD 📣 A thrilling and nervy final period, but the Stars get the 2 points!!
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