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@SantiagoStevenJ Keep. I understand his point but exceptions can b made.
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RT @melty_chan: anti-blackness in fandom goes beyond fandom at this point, cute avis won't hide the fact that some people genuinely…
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I'm so private to the point if u knw any of my business, i knw who told ya.
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RT @ZDeoxys: my runny nose is getting so bad to the point where if i fucking chew food or close my mouth at all i cant fucking b…
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RT @imquirkyonline: honestly at this point im just inclined to believe these are psyops made to get people hating nbs again cos literal…
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RT @VIDEOVIXENICE: Eid Mubarak! I am a Black Iñuk raising apartment and car funds as I have lost all traction at this point. Please in…
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@UK_Daniel_Card I wonder if any company out there employs red teamers for incident response. Might be interesting t…
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@neelinglaozu @pIantblog everything looks better than a gun to me i have to think in order to make a point
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Véi, da n, eu tinha pra mim q a luta contra o Kabuto era a pior coisa da guerra, agora vendo novamente EU TENHO CER…
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@aosuzu_channel First impression of you: SOFT LOVELY BLUE BABY Your nickname in my head: Ao love. Ao lovely. Lina b…
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@muharezz valid point
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RT @Monocotyledon: I screenshot this because at some point, MacSween has got to realise what she just said and delete it in embarrassm…
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@namyeoshi That's a bummer, Siera! We always want your order to be on point. Tell us more about it here:
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@taetoetiddies yes i am aware n if i could turn back time i would say the exact same thing ur point
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RT @TimesSqKungFu: "The Nocturnal Demon(1990)" Moon Lee vs. Cho Wing. This scene has some great and aggressive blocking. Especially th…
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RT @jimiecheng: This thread highlight 3 things: 1. Huge surge in new cases is REAL; 2. System being overwhelmed to possibly breaki…
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@NDpendentPDX I heard the speaker honoring “stolen land” that he is standing on. Everyone on this planet is living…
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RT @RushMyWay: Check point on mahoning tonight
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"i am the least artistic" charm point
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||: You do have a point
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