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RT @WriterLDavis: This is a shot in the dark, but does anyone know of articles discussing why strong first lines of *poetry* are important?
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RT @StonecoastMFA: An amazing interview on racism, embodiment, and writing with @amejohnston #blackpoetsspeakout #StonecoastMFA…
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RT @Sh_AI_kspeare: #TrumpChinaBankAccount Alas, I do need the counsel centure, But ladel, by now I will sleep to give by myself, I'll…
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Landscaping for Privacy: Innovative Ways to Turn Your Outdoor Space into a Peaceful Retreat by Marty Wingate - Book…
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"Be" written by : @_Evolutions11 From "The Journey: a Collection of Poems" Published by Bleu Anchor Entertainment…
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reading a bunch of irish poetry that basically says fuck the british and i am here for it
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Found poetry (more like jottings) from the night before my PhD defense in 2019: My last day without a #PhD A brid…
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@ZedScience I'm most concerned about teaching creationist Bible verses as poetry and white Albertans are all Christians. Yikes.
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RT @nonvanilla: NEW from Blood Pudding Press as of October 2020! - the NEW poetry chapbook, "i saw god cooking children / paint the…
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RT @mikesbloggity: "would eliminate all references to residential schools and their harms to Indigenous people." "first graders shoul…
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If you understand how unimportant you are in this world, you will start to realize your importance. - backseat_per…
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RT @kjunhole: poetry. #SoloistHanbinBirthday
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Today is the birth date of #SamuelTaylorColeridge. #Poetry
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To whomever is on my curious cat being so mouthful about my "poetry", well I can no longer share them on twitter. Hope you're happy now.
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RT @NiaTero: and if you haven't heard this already, a must listen from #JoyHarjo reading Sandra Cisneros via @NewYorker
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RT @jamesmccrae: We live in a society that speaks in argumentative absolutes because we have forgotten the subtle languages of poetry and myth.
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Happy Birthday to the General of the Rebellion. This quote is something I take seriously. One of the best ways to h…
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good God. Thankful for poetry during such heavy times.
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RT @Jopolkadot: “Poetry surrounds us everywhere..” Vincent van Gogh Still Lifes 1888-9
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