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Put blame where it is deserved, please. This is exactly how misinformation is spread. *I* made a joke. *I* apol…
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RT @SerFlanatico: Há um ano atrás tinha um monte de brasileiro mongolóide colocando o escudo do river plate de perfil KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK…
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We don’t want to see nasty food this year on y’all plate. We know some of y’all can’t cook!
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Yo I want his as a playable character 😭 like and I’m assuming he’s an electro type from all the symbols just he has…
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@MizzIssy I always wondered what to do with my wine glass while trying to put food on my plate at a buffet table. Problem solved! 😉
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RT @moyatshabalala: I know my mom is beefing w me when there’s more pap than meat on my plate😭
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RT @fabricejeanpier: ho, a baby #bird that landed on the plate 🐣 Find this #cute #character on @Cults3D
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RT @BCsBargainBin: I just added this listing on Poshmark: Silver Plate Stacking Ring Round Cut Crystal 5 NWT.
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@_iCruz7 Imma save u a plate
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RT @ColunadoFla: NINGUÉM ME CONTOU, EU VI! 💪 🏆 Há exatamente um ano, o #Flamengo protagonizava a maior final da história da…
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@slaaygod But did you bring me a plate
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RT @Flamengo: Há 1 ano, em Lima, foi a vez de Gabigol 💪 decidir. Ele marcou duas vezes, viramos sobre o River Plate nos minutos f…
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That kind of discipline when you have a full plate of plantain in your front, you take just one and leave the rest…
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@MissHodgins2 I have so much on my plate but would love to participate! Hopefully the Board will offer it sometime again soon!
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RT @callmedollar: Me mentally preparing for another lockdown after Thanksgiving because y’all just have to travel for a plate and acc…
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RT @DestinyMeriz: i like that Europa chest plate
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RT @regionbretagne: 👌 La plateforme Produits Locaux évolue ! 📍 Nouveau design, recherche par catégorie de produit, navigation simplifi…
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RT @ReneeDeLuca: I had to tell my Mom she's not allowed to go to my cousin's for Thanksgiving on Thursday. She sounded disappointed,…
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Today I learned that when my school says "Barbecue Chicken" what they really mean is unseasoned chicken cooked on a…
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