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RT @pascoesabido: Who's going to get your vote in MEP @ManonAubryFr's 🌟Lobby Awards🌟? Watch the video to find out how lobbying works…
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the best records of year ? Plastic Hearts of Miley Cyrus and No Gods No Masters of @garbage , injust lack of nominations in the Grammys
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RT @RebeccaH2030: Use Banana leaves as natural packaging to reduce plastic use. #Tiredearth
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@RueNahcMohr @plastic_gear @shoreydesigns I like your arm robot, also your room work, it's like Mandelbrot set, a c…
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Restiamo #Punk ma spostiamoci in Francia. Questa canzone fu un successo planetario. Nel 2010 PB rivelò che la voce…
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RT @raiseparadise: Even over de miljarden mondkapjes. Hoeveel levens zijn daarmee inmiddels gespaard? Drie? Hoeveel schade hebben ze v…
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@yabhishekhd Don't buy, no OIS, no Wireless charging, Plastic frame. Better buy Nord 2
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@smc429 I’m a cook it yourself person. So I grocery shop in person. It’s old fashion I know. I find it to be more e…
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As per instructions of Commissioner madam Task Force team done inspection on "BAN ON PLASTIC" and and Impose fines…
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RT @ImranSZN: Randomly remember when Wizkid went to perform in Ilorin and they give Biz wiz plastic chair😂😭
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@BASF @ENGIEgroup High-carbon, dirty fossilfuel plastic 'waste'/biomass resources burn; not, #renewableenergies,…
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On November 30, 2021, Zhejiang Hangzhou Intermediate People's Court heard a design patent infringement case between…
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@louislittlesuns I mean obviously it's plastic and not glass because glass doesn't fold but you know what I mean
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RT @_thememefactory: Help Meme Man against the fight of plastic in the sea by donating $1 to
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@bornmiserable @NeilLowenthal1 better job than the guy who convinced the entire planet to pay for a plastic bottle b/c there's water in it.
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Plastic gloves ata to HAHAHAHA
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Bapak aku gastrik. Gi clinic. Akak yg tulis nama kat plastic ubat tu maybe penat kot. Dia tulis nama bapak aku Mohd…
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Prevent unnecessary use of plastic, packaging and bags by purchasing from our environmentally friendly packages.…
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RT @Pla_ryutaro: 「Peep Plastic Partition #13 Thirteenth Friday」から 「Light.Gentle.and Soul. 」 の一部が公開されました。 (・Light.Gentle.and Soul.…
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RT @RebeccaH2030: Use Banana leaves as natural packaging to reduce plastic use. #Tiredearth
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