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RT @Pastor__West: Dear Lord, Today. I'm praying for a deeper understanding of my vision and purpose. Help me to control my tongue an…
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Making plans for my birthday
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RT @squires_david: Here’s this week’s cartoon:
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RT @coelimusic_: Most people just want to survive through the day. Not everyone can afford to think about long term plans.
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RT @DrDenaGrayson: ‼️The FBI has repeatedly claimed they gathered no credible intelligence before the #TrumpInsurrection, yet pro-Trum…
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RT @ManUnitedZone_: Harry Maguire confronted Ed Woodward at the meeting held in Carrington over the players not knowing about the Europ…
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I oppose plans for a breakaway #EuropeanSuperLeague. We cannot allow a few of the richest clubs to stitch up…
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RT @btsportfootball: The Premier League have released the following statement, following today's meeting with the 14 clubs not involved…
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RT @avalbin: i think saying “sorry i’m sad today” is a perfectly fine reason to change/cancel plans or take a day for yourself a…
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@thespursweb I don't see how Levy can stay in post once plans for the #europeansuperleague end in failure. The deci…
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RT @DavidJHarrisJr: It was amazing to see President Trump back on TV and I can't wait to see him on the trail again!
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RT @spectatorindex: JUST IN: Fourteen Premier League clubs reject plans for Super League and call for action to prevent it from proceeding
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RT @Pastor__West: Dear Lord, Today. I'm praying for a deeper understanding of my vision and purpose. Help me to control my tongue an…
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@BarryVictor5 Haven't been since 2004 and no plans to return. The stupid politicians there leave a bad taste in my mouth.
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Pep pisses all over Super League plans. Good man, Mr Guardiola.
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RT @tiwarymanoj: Difference between a mass leader and a mass spreader- @MamataOfficial cancels big public events in WB,…
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RT @ipinfoio: Friday's a BIG day at IPinfo, our 8th birthday! And what better way to celebrate and say thanks to our users than w…
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RT @JamesPearceLFC: 36hrs after the announcement and still silence from FSG. The #LFC website usually carries a transcript of Klopp's p…
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Hitler's 🌍 Dictatorship plans, EU Dictatorship STAGE 1 EU 👉 👈 STAGE 2 GLOBAL DICTATORSH…
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