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RT @planeacionbog: Con #ElPOTdeBogotá se planifica el territorio. El Plan de Ordenamiento Territoritorial es un asunto de todos. Parti…
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DeltaWonen worstelt al 3,5 jaar met voormalig stadsarchief Kampen: ‘Het is een lastig haalbaar plan’ -
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RT @DeadassReagan: My county’s back to school plan:
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RT @Universitario: 🗓️ Plan semanal de entrenamientos del primer equipo. ⚽🏋🏽‍♂️
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RT @kyledcheney: BERMAN said he was particularly alarmed by Barr's plan to install an outsider to run SDNY when that hadn't happened…
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RT @luciiaaa1302: El único plan que me apetece ahora es irme de tranqs con alguien a la playa y estar allí hablando de la vida
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@Acyn He's essentially saying out loud what some other countries are trying to do in secret: suppress the numbers t…
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RT @AyannaPressley: .@BetsyDeVosED you have no plan. Teachers, kids and parents are fearing for their lives. You point to a private sec…
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RT @PastorJohnHagee: God put you on this earth for a specific purpose. God has a plan for you, you have a divine destiny with unlimited potential.
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RT @DeadassReagan: My county’s back to school plan:
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@Sprach_los Das könnte natürlich ein kleiner Haken bei dem Plan sein.
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@AhmetFarukCelik yarına plan yapsa planların tutmuyor ki 3-4 ay sonraya plan yapıyorsunuz ki
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@JoeBiden Health care is personal for me too. Please support or create your own version of a Medicare-for-all plan…
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RT @CarlosRozanski: El plan “A” de Maurizio Macri es que funcione el blindaje del sector corrupto de la justicia. En ese caso, su impun…
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RT @GregSylvander: The fact both players were identified as positive BEFORE they even got out of the initial quarantine process bodes…
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RT @alainapinto: How about rollerblading from Boston all the way to Michigan? Two hockey players at @UMass Boston are doing it - and…
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RT @DeadassReagan: My county’s back to school plan:
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RT @ewarren: Sending kids back to school during a pandemic and hoping for the best is not a plan—no matter how Betsy DeVos tries…
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RT @ianbirrell: Boris Johnson entered Downing Street with a lie that he had a social care plan Then he abandoned the sector in a p…
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RT @UltimaShadowX: This country is ass backwards. The school district my mom works for was planning on alternating groups of kids ever…
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