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RT @trevor040451: Night Prayer: Lord, thank you for your strengthening grace that meets us in those places where we feel most vulnera…
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RT @Itishree001: Map of 12 Jyotirlinga. Mahadev Shiva had appeared as a column of fire/light in these 12 Sacred places. The positi…
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RT @2seokmygem: Top Places BTS has performed at - Proves the fact "BTS IS THE STANDARD"
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RT @titsay: places stolen from a dream
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#ॐ_नमः_शिवायः, There are 12 Jyotirlinga and they are the major places of worship of Shiva. They materialised in a r…
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@oniigga_chan with how much money they must make its mindboggling how shit ISPs are in a lot of places
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@EricTopol @sdut @NEJM @jburnmurdoch @FT @NewStatesman Unvaccinated walking around mask free spreading the virus. I…
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RT @BenWittenstein: *Tearfully places hand over heart as Down Under begins to play*
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@2020erase @ErinKCarter77 @N1goldengirl @brandicarlile And even when they’re not so near ya. I mean, what is “near”…
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RT @JeanetteEliz: Two of the world’s most beautiful places. 😊 Stunning Greece & Stunning Paris 💞🌸💕 #NaturePhotography #nature
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RT @hhptm: หะะะะะะะะะะะะ มีนิฮงจินแกะเนื้อเพลง THE POLiCY มา คือต้นคำภาษาอังกฤษในเพลง เอามาเรียงกันได้ว่า IDOLISH SEVEN’S POLI…
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RT @NeezyFbabyyyy: Im in my early 20s & partying/clubbing is already burnt out to me … let’s just take trips & try new food places lol
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RT @NieRFacts: Day 118: #NieRAutomata There are two cars that seem to be for transporting materials parked in the resistance camp…
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People dream of places they'll never go, wish for things instead of paying attention to their real lives.
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bat kasi bukas na lahat ng public places maliban sa school kingina
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New landmark created! Discover interesting places around:
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RT @GaryCarter_1979: EXC: Rugby League World Cup players would be banned from shaving in certain places, sharing boots and strapping, sp…
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RT @thousandarms97: Magnus Bane casually leans against the door frame, folds his arms and looks fondly on as his boyfriend Alexander Gi…
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RT @KanchiMatham: 87th Jayanti Mahotsavam of HH Pujyashri Jayendra Saraswati Shankaracharya Swamigal is being celebrated today at Kan…
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Important thread. 👇 TL:DR - Your vax immunity may be waning, esp. against #deltavariant. Time to mask-up again, id…
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