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RT @kaedaharu: ✧ GENSHIN GIVEAWAY ✧ 3 winners: 1st place - gnostic chorus 2nd place - 980 genesis crystals 3rd place - 1 welkin…
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RT @KshowAnalysis: 🥇 210919 [Inkigayo] Winner Congratulations to #LeeMujin for winning 1st place with #TrafficLight and his first Dou…
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RT @MindTendencies2: You don't need to know the reason why your body says no to a place. You need to leave immediately.
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@Ben_James__ @bradhodge007 Yeh Victoria is the only place in the world dealing with covid 🙄🤦‍♂️
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RT @Foxkuma_Big: a good place to relax
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Wherever you go.. Be the star of that place... With 2407 CRUSH BY MR FAISU @Mr_Faisal_S07
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@youamrani The right man, in the right place, at the right time. @FSijilmassi #africanunion
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@LozzaFox The police should have arrested them all and charged them with manslaughter. Someone died in Australia wh…
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RT @jaehyunsky_: K-nctzens are leaving sweet & motivational messages for I-nctzens under the sticker mv 🥺 💚: “NCTzen & NCT i love…
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I found my name tag in the new @SwissTPH building ‘Belo Horizonte’ that is becoming our new 🏡 soon! It has been a…
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Still frowning , ❝ Yes , you're grateful NOW but that still should never have occurred in the first place . It is…
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DonaldTrump a mis en place dans toutes les écoles l, enseignement du Rabbi sachant que chaque president lui…
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@DDdiari Peut être de MK qui voulait être ministre des transports à la place du porte parole Aboubacar Sylla 🤣🤣🤣
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RT @FrancesLumsden: Random early morning thoughts re this idea that a man ‘feels’ like a woman or vice versa. Let’s imagine a time and…
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RT @LISANATIONS_: Lisa is nominated for 1st place on Inkigayo today! Please vote for her on Starpass app now! Use your heart jellies…
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@chibuezze @iam_EMiCART @MrMekzy_ Man is ranting from a place of pain.... Manage with him please. 😭😭
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RT @ghostdivingorg: Finding an #entangled #GreySeal has been a real upsetting sight for the #volunteers from Ghost Diving #Poland 🔱 En…
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RT @dinowys: go vote with all your accs on idol champ, whosfan and mwave, we have to increase the gap and get the first place in this last platform
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@DoodChillBro I live in a place where it's completely nothing and the nearest tree is 5 miles from here
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