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RT @Sonjoe_Kutuh: As a lawyer myself,the court is not a place for storytelling. It is a place of facts and law, and you only achieve…
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@linobundles @havenskz so was it going to be a sin if you cropped BTS out and said "yay, skz are on the first place"
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RT @DeathChaos25: I've heard people complaining about being teleported to a completely different/wrong place when a battle starts but…
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Only Place Where you can Find Extraordinary Jewelry and Fashion Stackable Sparkling Star Earrings…
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RT @chaser_kang: @HRHJohorII Bagi saya. Lebih baik Brendan join team Selangor atau Kedah.. Brendan tak muda lagi.. Maybe another 2-3…
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RT @selangelic: This account is a safe place for Capricorn Moons.
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@NYCJ3 Bought shares after an agreement was in place to begin acquisition discussion/due diligence, but before the first submitted bid.
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RT @kiwy_didy: Imagine biting a samosa and tasting white rice, I’ll set the whole place on fire.
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@Guirri945 @AnaisJsfCarter J’te Mdrrr tu l’avais tellement bien placé et bien dit 😂😂
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RT @bpinradio: AAA STARPOLL BLINKs we had 703K and now we have 324K of votes! Use all the frustration we are feeling to vote. Fun…
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RT @Sonjoe_Kutuh: As a lawyer myself,the court is not a place for storytelling. It is a place of facts and law, and you only achieve…
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The Insight Project by - very limited spaces now available. Book your place at…
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#ThingsIdLikeToGetBack How about a shit-load of all those jobs WE WORKERS lost to China. It's never treated us fai…
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RT @ateez_updates: [📢] MAMA MASS VOTING IN 15 MINUTES ATINY, we cant lose now! Let’s climb back up to 8th place🤝 Gap to 8th place: 0…
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RT @espn: The Lakers and Celtics are both in first place in their conference. Last time that happened was in 2010 when these…
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RT @byulsexual: captoon: booked 1st place on real-time search rankings I mean.. it's what she deserves
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RT @pesterplarson3: Thank you Linda! #StopRacism and a good place to start is to: #MakeAmericaTrumplessAgain
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RT @ARanganathan72: I really am done suffering fools. Please provide your forehead for "Bhagwa Jalega" and "F**K BJP" to these "artists…
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@FantaAutoma If I could pray for you to find the place I would like to. I finally understand it is Gods time line n…
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