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RT @guadalupe_kat: this is so sad, they shouldn’t be put in this position in the first place.
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@RealSkipBayless @undisputed Not ur place skip
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RT @SimoneGJohnson: people who are rude & disrespectful to servers for no reason deserve a special place in hell ✨✨
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@mudassir_05 Tokyo Ghoul Re: is like Tokyo Ghoul 2, takes place after the manga ending of Tokyo Ghoul
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RT @TheCPSU: Listen to our basics of safeguarding for sports podcast. In this podcast we discuss useful guidance and resources t…
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RT @rudejude91: Good morning! I will be making a serious attempt at redpilling some young people today on TikTok before it goes awa…
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RT @CampaignPSPK: Trending World wide at 3rd Place with 1M+ updated tweets beating previous record 💥💥💥 #AdvanceHBDPawanKalyan
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RT @PavanKa34185187: ##AdvanceHBDPawankalyan A True Leader, A Simple Man With True Patriotism, A Natural Farmer, A Writer, A Humanitaria…
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@imoneypenny @vasudevan_k Wow. There is a Pavakkai Kodi growing at my place
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Your comment section is another reminder that the anti-Semite cockroaches are always lurking, even in a generally J…
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RT @15poundstogo: 3/ Upon close scrutiny, it seems that a deliberate strategy was developed to place an additional layer of deniabili…
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RT @boboy315in: @Ilhan wants to destroy our constitution & capitalism. @Ilhan wants convert our country's system into the same syst…
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RT @techhousehoe: in a bad place rn... not mentally, just living in the covid epicenter of the ENTIRE WORLD
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RT @_24fps: Yes this is jammu. 😊 This place holds a very special place in my heart. Clicked this picture on my first trip to Ba…
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RT @KellyO: Brief video clip from the president’s golf outing. The course is the only place he gets to drive himself. Secret S…
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RT @otweetie: This is a HUGE problem! Fix it now or plan on 2020 being stolen! Paper in person voting only with Republican Repres…
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RT @_Dakodak_: Jamais vu autant de mauvaise foi. L'inclusif ce n'est pas mettre du neutre partout à la place du féminin ou du masc…
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@TheWeekday_ If he had 200k, he wouldnt be in a place to easily get shot
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@dezzymfhelbert Head up dezzy , it’ll get better n things will fall into place . Sometimes it’s good to cry and let…
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Wow big win! 🦄🚀🏆 Nothing can be better than to be a genesis participant! @CodaProtocol Coda can be a really one of…
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