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@sunflwrhabit not stupid at all, i’m fuming when i see people not listening, everyone in my house is high risk, esp…
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@adamwalock Mm it actually really pisses me off when people treat that kind of subject matter as a joke because tha…
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RT @iyaanlaa: The fact that I can’t see my bf until another month because y’all can’t stay home pisses me off
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@LeHasnainHere nothing pisses me off more than u always replying with OH
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Now Desantis saying church is essential and I know these nignog preachers are going to put their congregations at r…
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RT @actlikeyou_mo: I know it’s 5am and I’m tweeting about stupid ass Alyssa Milano but it just pisses me tf off when celebrities don’t…
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@bjk_phl I never said the flu was not a virus, it is a virus. I erred in relating that the deadly effects caused b…
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@madiflaim It happens every time I sleep in. It pisses me off so bad. So here I am .. 9:30 AM slamming a coke 😂😂👏🏻
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@Carl_noWinslow For real like it ain’t never ok to call a pt a whore. STDs are serious and can even be deadly if un…
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RT @UnrulySea: @Maarten86_ @HarryDCrane I don't have a definitive opinion. But I am open to discussion (and am always willing to l…
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RT @aloverofblue: Think about it how many of us will ever see the inside of this building? I tell ya how many ZERO-It’s pisses me off…
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RT @HIGHV0L6: it pisses me off that dua stans are complaining about 5sos rn as if march 27th wasn’t 5sos’ release date first. 5so…
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RT @HNIJohnMiller: 3) Basically, the SBA loans are designed to keep people employed. Which is why the Kennedy Center bailout pisses m…
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I hate inconsistency, pisses me right off
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The place we live at has people mowing and shit at 8 am every couple weeks. It wakes me up and pisses me off every single time
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Guy in the white shirt pisses me off not sure why
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RT @butchsmiles: Me: neatens her cage, straightens her food bowl, replaces the dirty bedding with fresh Capricious Sunara, true to…
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One thing that pisses me the fuck off
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@warren_dixon @patrice_noonan @Marmel thank you Canada for being great friends and my mom's birthplace xoxoxo USA s…
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But what pisses me off the most and I’m firmly against is people spreading fake news (no reliable source) and fears 😜
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